Monday, July 6, 2015

Seeing the good in the World!!

Hola ya'll!!
Wow what a week!  It feels like it was a day not a week.  Time flies out here!  So everything is going pretty good for the most part!  I Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July!  I stood out on my back porch of our appartement and listened, good times!  I have so much things to tell you all.  Hahaon sunday.  He had a job interview for a different job this week and we fasted with him, and when we called him the next day to end our fast with him, after we got done praying he told us that he got the job!!!  Now there shouldnt be anything holding him back from coming to church if he doesnt let anything. 

 Hermana Gallardo and I
Our other two investigators are an 11 year old girl Alexa and a 13 year old boy Alex.  Their mom is a recent convert.  They are super cute!  They have came to church with their mom two weeks in a row now.  We made a restoration picture game for them and im excited to do it with them when we meet with them on Wednesday again!  We are working alot with less actives because the branch is really struggling, so that is one of our main focusses, but also President wants us to find so that is why we have been doing alot of knocking and referrals.

Pig fat meal
So the food is still spicy here!!  All of the people and my companion laughs at me because whenever we eat i am always sweating and my nose runs because the food is so spicy!!!!  I hope to one day go throughout a dinner appointment and not get laughed at because im a woos at spicy haha!!  Oh they eat some weird stuff here though, the other day we ate rice, beans, and pig fat with tortillas.  Ya thats right, Pig fat.  OH my goodness!!  That was very not easy to choke down!  The texture was just awful! 

​Nacho libro corn 
In celbration of the 4th of July, me and my companion made that corn thing thats off of nacho libre.  I gotta say though, i was a little dissapointed when i found out that the white stuff is May and not Iceing.
 Haha definitely not a fan. but im always willing to try!

So first of all funny story.  The other day we were at a less actives house and me and my companions were sitting on the couch and all of the sudden (of course right during a real spiritual moment) we heard this huge crack and the couch just broke.  Oh i felt so bad, but we all just laughed and luckily she wasnt mad and luckily it wasnt too broken!  So people in Georgia are just straight up crazy, but i love them!  They just walk where ever they want across busy streets and everything!  Its really scary!  So my companion let me drive the car to one of our appointments!  It was awesome, but scary because i was afraid i was going to run over people in mini mexico!

Us at a members home

We got to meet our new President this week!  He is a real hoot!!  So the branch found out that I play the Piano and i play the piano in sacrament, relief society and primary!!  Talk about super stressful!  But no one else plays piano so they have just been singing without one so they are all so cute and really greatful for me even when i just play the right hand on some songs cus i dont know them all.  But i am so greatful for Jenny (my piano teacher) making me learn the hymns because now i can use my talents to help.  I love playing in Primary though!  The ninos are so cute!!  and crazy wild!  They all love me ha!  So we have done alot of knocking this week!!  You know that one song, "pioneer childen sing as they walk and walk and walk" well i made a new version this week "sister missionaries teach as the knock and knock and knock and knock!!" 

We found 7 new investigators last week by knocking though!  All of our investigators are doing awesome.  We have three main progressing investigators.  One is this 30 year old guy, he has been taught all the lessons but he hasnt been able to go to church because he always works Anyways it was a pretty good week for the most part.  Still dont know spanish.  Sometimes people talk to me and i just nod my head and pretend that i know what is going on!  Fake it til ya make it ha!  My companions imitated what i sound i sound like a hilbilly speaking spanish haha!

The reason I for my title of this email is something that i have been trying to work on this week.  When you look for the good in the world your day seems to go so much better.  I can testifiy of this!  Heavenly Father gives us so many little miracles that we just dont see!  Its so awesome when you recognize all of the little miracles and all of the little good that he does for us!
Mexican farmers market 
I just want to share my testimony with ya'll that i know that God loves each and everyone of us.  I know that I am here in Georgia for a reason.  I know that when we open our eyes and be obedient to all of the commandments we see the blessing pour down from heaven.  I know that families are forever.  I love all of the people in Georgia.  I love my little Spanish Branch, they are my temporary family, but not even temporary because i love them all so much and they will always have a special place in my heart!  I love you all so much!!!  I hope you feel my love!!  I hope you feel your savior's love for you as well!!  Have a fantastic week my family!!  Talk to you soon!!  Remember to see the good in the world!
Hermana Stewart

​It rains alot here!!  
My little curl haha
CDC like off of walking dead!!!!

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