Monday, July 13, 2015

Experiencing Joy like no other Joy!

Holy Family!!
How are you all doing?  I hope you all had as great of a week as I had!  So this week was just amazing.  I don't even know how to put it into words.  But let me just start off by saying that I love here.  I love the people.  This week at District meeting my District leader asked me to bear my testimony of why i am here on a mission.  The week before this week i was acutally asking myself that question.  I was having a really hard time with the language and missing all you guys.  So i wasnt exactly sure how to answer that question deeply.  I had all my reasons of why coming on a mission before my mission, but your reasons just change so much always.  I found my answer this week though.  

​el plan de salvacion game i made
So we are teaching this little girl Alexa and she is 11.  Her mom is a convert from december.  We made these little matching games of the lessons that we play with her and her little cousin that is 7 because littles kids attention span is very small so you gotta get creative haha.  But Alexa wrote me a note, and first part of it says, "Dear Hermana Stewart, thank you for teaching me about God..."  That is why I am here on a mission.  I dont care if thats all the good i do on my whole entire mission (obiously i want to do more good than that) , but teaching a little about about our loving Heavenly Father, then is satisfying enough.  She has came to church with her mom every sunday I have been here!  Her brother Alex is 13 and he doesnt really want anything to do with us unfortunely :(  we are really praying for someway to get through to him.  

Alexa and Ivonee
 This week me and my companion hermana Gallardo(oh and by the way I only one companion now im no longer a trio) we set some high goals and we had a major attitude change.  We wanted to see success!!  We decided we were going to be perfectly obidient, work with all our might, MIND, strength, and HEART.  We wanted to work in allignece with the spirit and Heavenly Father so we could be successfull and see miracles.  Well i started counting all the miracles we saw this week but i litterally stopped counting because there was so many!  We had sooo much success!!  We taught 50 investigator lessons this week as compared to 11 the week before!  Numbers dont matter but it goes to show that if you work hard you will see the success and miracles.  I have never felt so happy in my life from working!!  It is true what preach my gospel says that if you want to not feel home sick or discouraged or any of that, the best cure is work work work!!!  There is a joy that comes from working as a servant of the Lord when you have the spirit with you and are obidient.  I have experienced this joy this week.  Every hard thing you go through just makes everything so worth it.  It is just amazing!!  I love it so much!!  Our investigators are doing really good!  Along with Alexa we are teaching two other little girls Sally and Jesse.  I love teaching these little girls because they like being taught in english haha.  Then Hilda and her husband we are now teaching too!  We have taught them the first two lessons.  She told us that she knows it is true!!  She is our golden investigator!  

So now for some funny things.  So i learned the hard way this week that if you dont eat a second helping of food you will really offend....yikes!!  haha we usually have at least 1 dinner apointent a day, sometimes two... and sometimes three.  Its actually quite miserable.  People just want to make sure we are well fed, bless their hearts!  
So another thing is that when you are driving down a road there is always just random groups of hispanic guys just hanging around waiting for work i think.  Its crazy!!

So last night we had a really bad storm!  I sware that it was right above our appartment.  Me and my companion hardly even slept because it was so loud!  Im pretty tuff but the thunder was really scary!  It was seriously the loudest thunder i have ever heard.  And i should our room thats how loud it was!!  I even sleep with ear plugs in, because my companion snores sooo loud that i had to invest in some sleeping earplugs from walmart haha.  I kept telling my companion i didnt want to die and that i was scared and she just laughed!  The lighting was touching down really close though.  It was lighting up our whole room it was so bright and it was raining so hard!!  

Any way it was just such a great week!!  I can now testify that if you want to be happy and enjoy your time on a mission, you just need to work.  I had the time of my life this week!  I just want to bear you my testimony that i know my savior lives.  He sacrificed everything for us to be able to return and live with God again and all he wants in return is for us to keep his commandments. "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear no.  Behold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments and ye shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven." -d &c 6:36-37.  I love you all so much!  Remember what your Savior has done for you!  

I hope you all have a blessed week!!  

Hermana Stewart
Alexa and Ivonee 
​Alexa and Ivonee and they wrote another note on their porch haha 

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