Monday, July 27, 2015

To Love the People You Serve, is to See the Face of God!

Hola Familia!
I litterally feel like I was just sitting at this same computer yesterday writing you an email.  I cant even believe how time flys out here.  This week was pretty good.  I definitely learned a lot of lessons.  One lesson being "Don't cast your pearls before swine."  I learned that my pearls right now is time.  The days go by so fast that you can't waste anytime.  Time is so so precious out here, especially because it is the Lord's time.  

Oh gee will-a-kers, I cant even think or remember now days!  I am getting missionary brain from talking with so many different people and doing so many different things everyday!
Ok i will start off with our investigators Hilda and her husband Antonio.  They are doing great!  This week we were able to get a member present for our lesson with them (which is not easy when you only have a handful of strong members in your little Spanish Branch) but the Portillo's came with us.  He is 1 counselor in the Branch Presidency and she is Relief Society President.  They are both converts so it was perfect!  We invited them to Baptism.  They accepted to pray about it, which I guess is better than nothing!  We didnt meet with any of our other progressing investigators this week.  It was just a bad week that no one wanted to meet with us or answer our doors or phone calls, but this week will be better!  
We are working a lot with less active members!  We really need to get our branch re activated and strong again!  Me and my companion have done alot of brain storming and praying and thinking!  We have a master plan for the coming weeks!  We are excited to put it to action this week!  

We had a training in Peach Tree City this week, so that took up most of Friday because its so far away.  We had to wake up soo early because it takes like two hours just to get there with traffic.  It was a really great training and it really got us motivated and excited!!  I look forward to District meeting every week because they always get me re excited for the week!

So a cool story was after Training on Friday we decided to go finding.  We had no idea where to go.  I said a prayer before we left the appartment for Heavenly Father to direct our paths and help us find someone that is ready to recieve this gospel.  We got in the car and i was listening to the spirit soo hard.  I was trying to listen so hard that i could litterally hear the "tick tick tick" on my watch over the primary hymns in the car.  Any way so i had a feeling we needed to go to this one house.  We usually dont knock houses because usually only white people answer.  So we parked the car and went and we were walking to the house.  We first decided to knock on a couple of houses on our way.  The first house we knocked on it was a white kid about my age.  I started to say "hi we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ..." and he just shook his head, turned around, and slammed the door on us.  That is the difference between white people and hispanics.  We just tell hispanics that we are doing prayers and they will invited us in (most of the time) and let us talk about Heavenly Father and then they will even feed us sometimes just random people we knock.  Anyways so we finally made it to the one house, we knocked on the door and a guy about my age answered and his name is Evuardo.  He talks spanish and english but he asked for us to talk in english.  It kind of throws us off and we are a little jumbled trying to talk in english and my companion just looks at me like "ya this is your language, your turn to shine haha" so we said a prayer with him and talked to him for a while.  The spirit was really strong and we told him that we were inspired to knock on this door and he thought that was pretty cool.  We have a return appointment with him next week with his family.  I truly believe that we were inspired to knock on his door at that very moment.  

I have been trying to work on being more appreciative  of everything.  Sometimes i think its a huge burden that i have to play the piano in our branch in every single meeting, and that i never get to sing anymore becuase i love singing too and i havent been able to sing and learn the hymns in spanish.  My companion reminded me this week that i am doing such a huge blessing to all these people because they havent had a piano player.  This week while i was playing the piano in sacrament meeting, i looked at it in a different way.  I am the one that is lucky.  I get to look out on the whole congregation while they sing hymns of praise to our Lord.  I get to hear angels singing every week.  How blessed i truly am.

So im excited for this week!  I love serving the Lord and his people.  I feel like the more I serve these wonderful people I am getting to know my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more and more each day.  I love the Lord.  "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." -Mosiah 2:17.  How blessed are we, I hope that we will all remember to look for the oppertunity this week to serve someone that needs our help.  I love you all so much!  Until next week, have a blessed week full of love and service!
Hermana Stewart

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