Monday, July 20, 2015

Lightning Touching Down!!

me and alexa at church on Sunday!
Hola Familia!
So this week has sure flew!  I can't even believe that it is already P-day again!  This week was really great!  So first off to decribe my title, we were driving on the road in this huge rain storm and litterally 20 feet in front of us on the road lightning struck down!!  Crazy right!?  
This week was great!  I totally already said that already, sorry this email might be a little everywhere today, but when is it not ha!  Our investigators are great!  Remember Hilda and her husband Antonio well he came to church on sunday!!!  We are going to hopefully get them both on date for baptism this week!!  Also Alexa the 11 year old we are also hoping to get her on date too!!  Ahh sooo much excitingness is happening and about to happen!

​The hottest food ever 
 Funny things now!  So I call Hermana Gallardo "Pot Hole Magnet"  because she litterally hits every pot hole possible.  She always trys not to hit them but when she does that she ends up hitting them just spack dab in the middle!  I feel like I am a pretty chill person, but this week my companion told me I had alot of pet pieves...woops!  My companions thinks Im like a baby because I always need food and eat like every 2 hours and we have snacks in the car just for me if i get grumpy ha!  We ate at one of our members homes this week and she always calls us Hermanita and she burped really loud, and then she said, "wow el tigre se escapo!" (the tiger escaped) I laughed so hard! 

 So i really like scaring Hermana Gallardo (thats like so mean huh) but when we are out walking and it looks like the walking dead sometimes i just randomly pretend to turn into a zombie!  So the other night it was like 830 and we knocked on one of our investigators door but he didnt answer and we were just staning there and it was like silent and he lives in the getto and i just made a really creapy zombie noise and she screamed so loud it was so hilarious!  So the other day Hermana Gallardo said before she went to sleep the night before she couldnt fall asleep because she kept thinking i was going to turn into a zombie and she didnt know if she would here me and knock me out before i bit her or if she would wake up while i was taking my first bite..she has a whole plan now...after she told me that i realized i probably shouldnt act like a zombie anymore! 

  Hermana Gallardo says that i scream in my thats interesting ( i have to live with her snoring and she has to live with my talking and screaming..comprimise).  So i have this song and i call it my ponder song because it is just music no lyrics.  and hermana gallardo cant talk during my ponder song like if she talks ill say "shhh my ponder song is on" (3 minutes of quiet time means a lot when you are a missionary haha), but the other day during my ponder song i said something to her, and she said to me "shhh my ponder song is on" and then i told her that only she couldnt talk during my ponder song but i could talk.  I have gotten really good at fake lauging because hispanics love laughing and i just laugh everytime they laugh...maybe they are lauging at me.  I guess ill never know haha.
​The members i made food for After we got done knocking 48 doors in 100 degree weather 

Hot peppers 
 Ok now for something really cool and special to me.  So the other night I had a dream that we were teaching this guy and we taught him the restoration.  I had no idea where we were or who he was.  But i woke up and hurried and told hermana gallardo because i always have to tell her my dreams so i wont forget them.  Oh and i have never dreampt so much then on my mission!  Ok anyways so i told her.  Then that night we went to a members home for dinner "the tiger one" we had never been there before.  She brought this guy to have dinner with us.  He looked so familiar but i dont remember where i had seen him before.  Ok so we got to know him a lilttle bit while we ate dinner and then we set up another apointment with him tomorrow night which was awesome because then we got dinner again and a lesson with a member pressent!  So the next night while we were teaching him i felt like it had done this whole thing before!  So when we walked out of the lesson i told my companion that was exactly my dream!!!!  We were in the same place with the same guy!  It was so weird!  Anyway he is now one of our progressing investigators and he is really really nice and sweet!  So ya i guess i kind of had a revelation you could say via dreams!  

I made dinner for some members that always feed us.  I made potatoes and cheese and country gravy!!  They loved it!  I had the hottest food i have ever eaten ever!  My companion even thought it was hot so that just goes to show how hot it was!! 

We went on excanges with the sister training leaders and i went to english speaking (thank goodness i would have died with an english speaking companion by myself here ha) it was pretty good but i was excited to see Hermana Gallardo again!  The sister training leaders car broke so we had to walk everywhere.  We walked about 5 miles that day in the heat of the georgia weature.  I have never been so sweaty and wet.  We litterally had to ring our shirts out before our dinner apointment!  Sorry thats probably so gross but that is how much sweat we sweated.  And we ate lizagna and it was soooo good to eat normal food!!  I miss it haha.  I was so exhausted by the end of the day and i felt like a true hard working misisonary! 

Our glasses fog up everytime we get out of the car cus its so hot haha

We also had interviews with our new president and his wife.  He says that me and Hermana Gallardo are one solid companionship!  And we really are!!   I really truely have the best companion ever!  And that is because together we fill in eachothers gaps and it really makes us one!  We teach in unity which is awesome too!  Sometimes in the middle of a lesson she will just randomly stop talking and look at me and wait until i say something.  Im not kidding when i say we have had 1 or 2 minute awkward silences during lessons because i dont know what to say and i really have to trust in the lord to put words into my mouth when i open my mouth.  But it really does work!  

Oh i sure do love you all so much!  Im so excited for the coming week to hopefully set some dates and bring these wonderfull people to the waters of baptism.  I know that the only way its possible is if me and my companion keep doing what we are supposed to be doing and working hard and with the Lord.  Our goals are high and optomistic, but goals should always be hard enough that you can't do it without God's help!  Thank you for all the prayers and support and love!!  We are so blessed!  Count your many blessings see what God has done!  I love you all!  Have a blessed week!

Hermana Stewart

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