Monday, September 28, 2015

You can make the Pathway Bright

​Edwin in his new suit and he gets to start passing the sacrament!!
My District!

I tried crossing this river...and then the Holy Ghost told me that was probably a bad idea haha

Hi Family!

This week was great!  It has been raining all week long.  I felt like we knocked a million doors this week.  Knocking doors was probably my least favorite thing to do when I first came out cus I just felt so awkward.  And now that I have just accepted that I am just an awkward person and knocking random peoples doors asking them if we can say a prayer with them is probably really weird to people, its the funnest thing ever!  You never know what to expect haha!  You are either going to get rejected, door slammed in your face, people cussing you out and yelling at you, the so so people that will let you pray with them, AND THEN you just find that ONE!!  the one that has an open heart so that the spirit can testify of the truth fullness of our message!!  You may have to knock 1,000 doors before you find that one, but they are so worth it!  Door knocking is the best!! :D

Something cool that happened this week is we are working with this family that has went less active ever since i came to Chamblee.  They are the ones we eat at their house everyweek and i dont ask what the food is i just eat it.  They are awesome though, but they got offended by someone in the branch so that is why they dont come to our Branch anymore, its always "chismes" with these people!  Drama drama dramA.  But they actaully agreed to try coming back to Chamblee to "visit" the Sunday after Conference!!! wahoooo!  We never thought they would even agree on that, but the Lord truly softens peoples hearts!

So i taught my companions some Big Foot calls... just in case we come across any Bigfoot in Georgia.  Its highly possible with all the trees here!  When we were out tracting this week there was a lady sitting on the curb holding a big ol Cell phone, and i was just smiling and being friendly so i waved and said hi to her.  Then she went to wave back to me, but apparently she forgot the phone was in her hand, so she dropped the phone and it broke, and i felt really bad!  See what i get for being friendly ha!  So we were in Branch Coralation with ward mission leader and i was talking about how our week went, and i said something wrong in spanish and it was super embarrasing!  I said "Estabamos tocando cuerpos"...which in English means "We were knocking bodies."  I definitely meant to say doors "puertas."  At least my companions and the Elders got a good laugh out of it.  

We got to watch the General Womens Conference on Saturday and that was sooo good!  And conference is next week wahoooo!!  Conference really is GOLD to missionaries!  I found a cool scriptures in the Book of Mormon the other day and it made me think of General conference thats coming up.  Its in 1 nefi 19:24 "Hear ye the words of the prophet...hear ye the words of the prophet...and liken them unto yourselves, that ye may have hope..." I really liked that and Im excited to hear to Words of our Wonderful prophet and liken them to all thats going on in my life as a missionary and hopefully to help my Investigotors as well and give us all hope.  Im super excited!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy conference too!  Im anxious to see who the new apostles will be.  Sorry this email is so short this week!  Just not alot happened, but it was still a great week! :) One of my most favoritest scriptures that i want to share will yall is in 2 nephi 5:27 "And it came to pass that we did live after the manner of happiness."  Dont you just love that!!  Heavenly Father created us to have joy and happiness not just sit in missery all the days long.  Happiness is a choice!  "You can make the pathway bright, fill the soul with heavens light if there's sunshine in your heart.  turning darkness into day as the shadows fly away if there's sunshine in your heart today.  You can live a happy life in this world of toil and strife if theres sunshine in your heart; and your soul will glow with love from the perfect light about, if theres sunshine in your heart today.  if theres sunshine in your heaart. you can send a shining ray that will turn the night today; and your cares will all depart, if theres sunshine in your heart today."  Thank you all for being my rays of sunshine.  I hope you all have a bright sunshiny week!!  I love you all so much!
All my love and prayers always,
Hermana Abby Jean Stewart

Monday, September 21, 2015

Practice makes progress!

Hi my wonderful family!  

So this week was just super amazing!  Every week is just so amazing!  Like i never would have thought that the mission could get any greater, but im just surprised every single week with the miracles we see and the happiness i feel in my heart.  Sometimes i feel like my heart is going to just blow up because its just so full of happiness!

So our wonderful family (Ana and Edwin and Ayari) got baptized on Saturday!  That was so wonderful!  Everything just went so darn good!  Alot less stressful than our last baptism because this time we actually knew how to fill out the paper work ha!  This family is just amazing and it was such a happy experience!  It was cool because our mission President and his wife even came to suppport this family which was really special.  On Sunday when they recieved the Holy Ghost i was just crying like baby it was so spiritual!  In the blessing for Ayadi (the lil 8 year old) it was the stake Patriarch that actually gave them the Holy Ghost but he stopped in the blessing and pauses for a few seconds and then he said she was going to be a missionary and how she was going to change thousands of lives and be a big influence on the women in the church.  In that moment i couldnt have been any happier to have chosen to come on a mission.  I can't even imagine not meeting this wonderful family and all of the people i have met on my mission so far.  I cant wait to meet more people.  Everyday i get excited to meet more and more people and share with them the happiness that i have and the knowledge that i have.  
We have transfers this Wednesday but we are all staying here in Chamblee, woot woot!!  We are excited about that because we have alot happening here in Chamblee.  We got our investigator Walter on date for October 17, he just needs to actually come to church.  Then we have another investigator called Maria and she is on date for October 24!  And now after Ana and her kids just got baptized our investigator pool is really empty so we are gonna go find some awesome people that are prepared to recieve this amazing gospel this week!!!

A couple days ago while me and my companions were planning for the next day before going to bed, we made a goal to not say one negative thing the whole next day!  We were all super excited to take on this goal!  So then the alarm goes off the next morning....we all failed by 6:31 a.m. haha!  Its amazing like once you starting thinking about it and noticing how much we complain.  So that one of the things we have been working on as a companionship alot more is just being possitive!!  Life just looks so much prettier when you are possitive!  We have been doing super great at this! :)

We went on exchanges this week!  I went english speaking with Sister Lund (one of the Sister training leaders) and both of my companions stayed here in Chamblee with Sister Olsen (the other stl).  It was soo fun!!! But i missed my people and spanish!!  I decided to give the english missionaries a little more slack because they do not speak english in georgia....most of our teaching was us talking to the kids and then the kids translating to the parents.  There is like so many different kinds of people in Georgia its crazy!!  Im so glad i just have to learn spanish!  And peoples accents are so hard to understand they are so thick!  It was such a fun expereience and i learned so much!  We met this lady and she couldnt talk very good and she had super short term memory and we found out she had been tazed back in 2005 and all of her organs shut down.  Sister Lund asked her if she was mad that she got tazed and she said the sweetest answer that made me cry, she said "no i dont get mad anymore.  im just glad to be alive."  We had her write 2 things she learned from our lesson in her Book of Mormon so that she could remember.  I am just so humbled from this experience and to have met this wonderful daughter of our Heavenly Father.  I can wait to see Nicole in Heaven with a perfect body and a perfect mind.    
Its Hermana Gallardos Bday today so we are going to celebrate with some Zaxby's!!  Good ol southern Chicken mmm mmm mmm!!  Im just surprised she didnt choose something Mexican!  Then we are going to hang out with all the sisters in our Zone today so that is exciting!  

We decided to count how many prayers we say in just a normal day.  i thought it was probably like 15 or the end of the night, in just one day we had said 36 prayers!  Praying is awesome!!!
Any ways so life is just dandy as ever here!  I love being a missionary!  I can never say that phase enough!  I know this chruch is true!  i am so thankful for my loving savior who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  He loves us so much.  "and the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefor they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it.  yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men."  He loves us so much and he wants us to follow in his footsteps.  He is always here for us and with us.  He suffered it for us because he loves us.  I am so thankful for him.  I am so thankful for my wonderful family too!  I hope you all know how much i love you all.  I love this gospel, and i love being a representavie of Jesus Christ!  All my love and prayers always!
Hermana Stewart

Monday, September 14, 2015

Giving is True Having

Hi family!  This week sure did go by fast!  It was an amazing week though!  To start off I will talk about the amazing Lopez family that is preparing for Baptism this coming Saturday woot woot!  So Ana and her two kids Edwin and Ayari are amazing.  They are all very excited to get baptized.  We had some amazing lessons with them this week.  Can i just give a big shout out to the members of the Chamblee Branch because without them they probably wouldnt be getting baptized!  We have an amazing member called Zorida and she is always picking them up for church and picking them up and bringing them to her house so we can do a member pressent lesson in her house!  The members are just amazing here and they are so good at friendshiping all of our investigators that we bring!  Yesterday we taught the law of Chastity and thithing and Fasting.  When we asked Ana the mom to follow these laws, she didnt even hesitate and just said "YES!"  Like what the heck, that was easy.  I guess when people know its right, they will follow!  Anyway they are just so prepared!  

On Saturday we had Dia de las Naciones with 4 Spanish Branches.  it was so much fun.  There was a bunch of food from everyones different countries and people danced the dances from their countries and our Primary sang some primary songs.  We had so many of our investigators show up it was awesome and they all had so much fun!  We went to our investigator Walters house right before it started and he followed us in his car to the church and he brought his whole family and they had so much fun.  We were able to give a little tour of the church to all of our investigators and i loved being able to show them the Chapel.  there is such a sweet spirit to the chapel and i hope they could feel it too.  It was super a fun activity and i just wanted to dance to all the spanish music, but i couldnt haha.  

So sunday was kind of a cool like experience that happened to me.  So we got to the church early cus we had a meeting with our Branch President and we were just waiting in the Relief Society room and i had this wierd feeling to look out the window.  So i didnt think anything of it but i did it anyway.  i saw 3 people trying to get into the building but i was locked so they started walking away.  i hadnt regognized them, but i hurried and ran out the door.  And my companions came running too as i just told them to come but they didnt know why haha.  So i hurried and opened up the door for them and they were almost to their car and i yelled "buenos dias!"  then they came in and i was talking with them and they were like "habla espanol?"  and i was like, "si" haha and we took them into the Chapel and were just visiting with them.  they werent members but it was a grandma with her daughter and husband and i guess the grandma lady had gone to our church in Guatemala.  Anyways so they stayed for the whole church and loved it and of course we got their information.  It was a neat little experience of seeing the outcome of listening to the still small voice of the spirit.  The Lord is Blessing the Rama de Chamblee in so many amazing ways!!  

We ate at this less active families house this week and she is the one that i think i told yall about when i ate that meal that litterally made me cry it was so hot.  HAha what i whimp i used to be!  So she always cooks so spicy and i love it!!  She made us the same incheladas  (no idea how to spell that) and she had this chile that she had made, and it tasted so good!!  I tried it first and it was a little spicy (when i first got here it probably would have killed me ha) but it was so good.  so i just smothered it all over my encheladas.  Ya...bad idea.  Let me tell you what this chile consited of.....seeds.  Haha yep it was chile of just pure seeds.  Holy moly probably not the best for my stomache!  I have never had such bad heart burn, mmm but it was so worth it because it tasted so good.  As im typing this im litterally lauging because i never thought i would ever come to like hot food, but the mission changes a person haha!! 
So this week was good.  Transfers are next Wednesday so we will see what happens.  There is one 5 of us spanish sisters, so we might get another new one or who knows.  But what ever happens, the work will continue! :) I still cant believe that i have been out for 4 months!!  i am 1/4.5 of the way done.  That is just so crazy!  I guess time flies when you are having a blast!  I am so thankful for my amazing family!  I love you all so much!  I am always praying for you, and i can always feel your prayers and love for me.  Sometimes life may be hard, but remember that through our trials we are made stronger.  We have a loving Savior who made it possible to overcome these challenges that we may be facing.  He knows what we are going through.  We have a loving Heavenly Father that loves us so much.  He is always there to comfort us in any moment we need. "My child, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine affllictions shall be but a small moment." DyC 121:7.  I can testify of this.  Sometimes life is hard and sometimes this mission we are all on is hard, but i know that with our Savior Jesus Christ we can overcome them and they will be stepping stones to something great out there.  I love you all so much!  Have a blessed week, and remember Jesus loves you.
Hermana Stewart

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If we loose ourselves, we'll be found!

Estoy llena de gozo.  Estoy aprendiendo a expresar mi sentamientos y pensamientos mas en la mision, porque antes mi mision, estaba poquito dificil a expresar todo de mi pensamientos en mi corazon.  Entoces, a veses es mas facil para mi a expresar or hablar en espanol.  No puedo escribir bien, pero esta bien.  Estoy escuchando todo de los testimonios en la reunion de sacramental.  Wow, la gente aqui son incredible.  sus testimonios han tocando mi corazon.  estoy llena del Espiritu y el amor de nuestor Padre Celesial.  La decision a venir en una mision, fue la decision correcta.  Nuestor Padre Celesioal nos ama.  La iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es la vervadera iglesia en la tierra hoy.  Tenemos una profeta viviante, se llama Thomas. S. Monson.  Dios quere que nosotros progresar y crecer nuestro conocimento y tener experiencias aqui en la tierra.  Si nosotros heremos decisiones correctas, podemos regresar y vivir con el y JesuCristo y nuestros families para siempre.  Estoy muy agradecida por este plan.  El plan de Felizidad.  Estoy muy feliz.  Hay gozo en mi alma hoy!! :
Go Braves
This is what i wrote down in my journal during Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  I am just so happy right now!  Being a missionary is just amazing and I find more and more joy in the work every single day im here.  We are seeing miracles everyday.  There is just no possible way i couldnt think this church was true because of all of the goodness i see everyday.  Peoples lives are changing because of this Gospel.  People are happier in their lives because of the spirtit they feel when they hear this beautiful message we share everyday.  I dont think i have every cried so many happy tears until this week in my mission.  Seeing other people happy just is an incredible feeling that is indescribable!  

So one of the many miracles that we saw this week, happened yesterday.  First of all our Pday got switched since it was Labor Day, and that was a huge blessing to us.  If we would have had Pday yesterday, we never would have seen this miracle this week.  Yesterday, alright are you ready for this?  Are you sitting down?  We got a whole freaking family on Baptism date for September 19!!!!!!!!  This family is amazing.  It is a mom and two kids.  Ana is the mom and the two kids are Edmund he is 12 and Ayadi is 8.  We have only taught them 2 times.  they came to church on sunday and loved it!!  The mom Ana, actually was a refferal from church head quaters, and comes to find out that she reffered her self to missionarys!!  You dont see that everyday!  She just moved from Mexico and her sister had met with missionaries before and she told her to meet with them because they were really nice.  So yesterday we had an amazing lesson.  

We were sititng outside enjoying some nice Georgia sunshine, humidity, and bugs!  When we invited them they didnt even hardly hesitate.  Edmund is incredible little boy.  We told him on sunday that we were going to make them brownies.  When we knocked on the door he answered and saw that we had brownines, he then said "ok, now i trust you."  The whole entire lesson everyone was just participating and the comments the little kids would make were just so profound.  The mom said, "i know this church is true becuase we have been to alot of different churches and i have never seen my kids foccus so much on this lesson and look so happy to be learing about God."  When we got done teaching about baptism and when we invited them, the little girl Ayadi said "we have a pool over there, lets go right now" (all of these comments are actually in spanish just so you know so this is Hermana Stewarts english translation haha).  

                                   Ana and Edmund and Ayadi who are preparing for baptism on the 19th!
It was so cute, but we had to tell her we needed to help them prepare and teach them more.  They are going to start praying and reading the Book of Mormon everyday as a family, because they want to keep this joy in their lives.  My testimony grew so much in this lesson with them because it just goes to show that it is the spirit that makes our church true. it is the spirtit that touches their hearts.  We invited Ana to say the closing prayer. She says she has never prayed in her whole life.  She said the most beautiful prayer ever.  In her prayer she said, "thank you that me and my kids can prepare to be baptized on the 19th and for sending us this knowledge and happiness."  It was just amazing.  After the prayer she said she felt really good and knew that Heavenly Father was listening.  She didnt think she said a very good prayer, and then her cute little son turned to her and said, "this is only the beginning mamma."  That touched my heart so much.  We asked each of them how they were feeling after the lesson, and everyone of them said "major"..."better".  I love being a missionary!!  i love being able to bring people happiness.  

So another miracle that i had this week, not quite as big as the one i just talked about, but it was big to me!  We got fed Spagetti!!!!!!!!!!  OH! MY! GOSH! it tasted soo good!!!  who would have thought that a plate of home cooked spagetti would taste so darn good.  It was a little weird not having beans and rice and tortillas, but it was so nice to have a change haha!!!  I almost cried when Hermana Ayayla, a cute little perivial lady and her husband that feed us every thursday and they are members (i love eating at their house because they are from Peru so they eat potatas!!!), brought out that plate of spagetti!  It was a miracle!  i sometimes find that the smallest little things bring us the most joy!  The trick is though, is to always be mindful and look for those small little tender mercies of the Lord, becuase they are out there if you open your eyes wide enough.  Sometimes we get caught up waiting for something miraculous, that we miss several little tender mercies the Lord has given us.  So even eating a plate of spagetti is something so huge to me, a little white idahoan spanish misisonary haha.

Last monday we ran out of miles for the month after going to the library and grocery store, so we had to walk to one of our investigators house....we thought it was like 3 miles 3 hours later we come to find out it was 6 miles after we drove it the next day!!!  We were so pooped!  Thats what you get for being a spanish missionary and having the luxery of having 1500 miles a month when english missionaries have 1000....i am so thankful for our car and air conditioning!!  Sometimes you have to struggle a little just so you can regognize how blessed you are haha!  But we do walk the Bufford Highway a couple of times a week.  So that is usually like 3ish miles a day, but now we are going to start taking the Marta bus because we are trying some different approaches of contacting.  Walking the Bufford is awesome because we are like downdown centeral to little mini mexico and the sidewalks are just filled with hispanics, ha its so great!  But now if we ride the bus, they have no way of excaping, theyll have to listen to us!  Im pretty siked about this idea!  

Ok anyway it was an amazing week and we just saw so many different miracles.  I wish i could just type out every single of them but time is short and i got a Stoffers Lazagna waiting for me to buy at walmart and eat ha!
 "and it came to pass that i behld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy.  and as i partook of the fruit therof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, i began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for i knew that it was desirable above all other fruit." 1 nephi 8:10,12.  We have tasted the fruit, and it tastes good!  there are so many people that are still out there wondering, but they dont know how to get here.  It is by our examples they can be found again and partake of this goodness with us.  That is my prayer always.  I love you my wonderful family!  Let us always cleve to the rod Of Iron, because that is where we can be brought true joy!
Hermana Stewart

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Faith, Trust and Pixy Dust

Sally and Jessy got Baptized!  

Hola mi Familia!

I just want to thank you all for your love and suppport!!  I love the package that you all sent me with the Bear!!  I push its palm everynight and hear Grove and Eloise and Mels voice telling me hi and hearing that you love me!  Also i love the notes of love that everyone sent me.  They make me cry tears of happiness and i feel your love everytime i read them.  i have the best family ever!  How blessed am i!  

Well this week was amazing because we had two baptisms!!  Sally and Jessy, two beautiful little angels made the most amazing choice they could ever make in their whole entire life!  What a perfect day it was!  I have never seen two little girls shine and glow so much.  I am so happy to have been just a little tiny part of this.  When Sally came out of the water she got to watch Jessy standing on the steps.  She said to Jessy "jessy its so wonderful.  I feel so warm, i just want to go back.  You are going to love it." i litterally broke down in tearing hearing her say this to her sister.  How blessed are these two little girls to have this gospel in their lives now.  They will always be in my life, my little hermanitas! :)

So this week was kind of a bumpy week.  Not a lot of sucess happened.  I have never had a week where so many appointments fell through, but needless to say it was still an amazing week!  
So i actually have a lot of cool things i have to share, because even though alot of our planned appointments fell through we still saw so many miracles!

First i just want to tell you something so amazing.  So the first sunday i was here in Chamblee i think i counted something like 15 people sitting in the congregation.  Yesterday i counted 102 people in the congregation.  Wow this branch is getting stronger and stronger every sunday.  The members here are amazing and are doing great things.  By small and simple things great things are truly brought to past.  Its really cool to witness a group of people getting stronger and stronger because of their love and devotion to this gospel.  The members here are some of the strongest and most selfless people i have ever met.

We had a lesson with an investigator that has been investigating for 3 years now.  he knows everything is true but he wants to have a dream that tells him to get baptized.  so on saturday we had a "come to Jesus" kind of a lesson.  I have never been so bold with someone in my life!  I was just trying to use some of Elder Hollands techniques haha!  We just had an amazing lesson with him, read 2 nephi 32 and talked about how there is more than one ways to recieve revelation than just dreams.  The spirit was really strong in the lesson and we had just got done bearing our testimonies.  I looked at him, and i told him "tengo una pregunto para Dios tiene una pregunta para usted.  eschucha el espiritu, y abre su corazon...and then i asked the baptism question and told him a date to be baptized.  (sorry i wrote it in spanish because everything just sounds so much more intense in spanish haha) but we sat their in silence.  All three of us (me and my companions) really believed that he would say yes....but then he went on to talk about dreams again.  Then he asked me if i believe he has faith....I didnt even know what to say to him, all i said to him was "sin accion, fe es muerte" (faith with out action is dead ).  Anyway so thats all that really happended during that lesson.  It was the first lesson that i actually have ever been bold with an investigator.  He still wants us to come back...phew thank goodness we were a little scared haha!)
My first baptism in the mission!!!!

So on friday (sorry i say so so much haha i really like saying "entonces" which is so in spanish so now its just a habbit) we had an amazing day planned.  We had such a sprititual study session that morning and we had three kick-butt appointments planned with Walter(a 33 year old guy that is really close to baptism and we had planned to put him on date when we met with him) then a appointment with Maria (a refferal from our Branch mission leader and she is really interested in us) then a appointment with Jon (the nine year old boy that is on date for sept 12...but hasnt came to church yet so wont be getting baptized the 12 unfortunelely :( ) so that was what we had planned and we were ready and excited!!  Well we went to Walters...not home.  Went to Maria...not home.  Went to Jon....not home.  We were so bummed.  We were sitting in the car figuring out what to do.  I told my companions that we should go know 6 doors in this one appartment complex.  Hermana Gallardo said a prayer asking for a miracle.  We knocked on 6 random doors.  Out of those 6, 5 answered, let us in, we taught a lesson, and got return appointments.  That just does not happen!  The first lady we met, she had actually visited with missionaries before but they gave her a english book of mormon.  We whipped out our spanish books of mormon and she was soo happy and we gave her one and she said she was going to read it.  

Three of the doors were families so that was awesome!  And then the last one her name is Jenni and she has two little girls.  she wants us to come see her every day...i think she is a little lony in the house all day long haha but heck ya we will visit her lots!  It was such an amazing miracle.  I wanted to cry i was so happy when we got back in the car.  This story is the reason for my title this week.  Just like in Peter Pan, in order to fly they need to have faith and trust (and think of happy thoughts) but they needed just that little umph of help from the pixy dust to actually get off the ground.  We had faith and trust in the Lord to recieve this miracle, but we definitely couldnt do this by ourselves.  We always need that Pixy Dust which i would say would represent the Lord.  "oh Lord, I have trusted in thee, and i will trust in thee forever.  i will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for i know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh.  yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm." 2 nephi 4:34  If i ever put trust and faith only in myself, then i would never accomplish anything.  Without that pixy dust, i could never fly, or even get close to getting off the ground.  We could be standing on the highest building and if we jump off with with faith and trust, and pixy dust (in the Lord) we will fly.  I know we can.  We can do anything with the Lord with faith and trust!

Ok funny story time now.  So we were on the phone with the zone leaders and i was trying to get a cockroach at the same time....well not a good idea to be doing that when you are on speaker with the zone leaders.  Long story was in the box and we were running to put it outside, then it fell on my foot...and i screamed really loud which in return made both of my companions scream really loud.  Then we had to explain ourselves, that was really embarrasising and you could just hear the elders laughing at us.  They probably think we are such whimps, but these cookarachas are huge here!!!!  

Oh also so i got to meet "the bishop" off of meet the mormons movie.  turns out he is our stake what do ya know!  

Well i hope you all have an amazing week!  I love you all so much and i hope you feel of my love and appritiation for you every day!  I love this gospel and i love being a missionary!  I love the Book of Mormon and i find more and more appritiation in it every day i read it! "feast upon the words of Christ, for behold, the words of christ will tell you ALL things what ye should do." 2 nephi 32:3 Have a blessed week and be safe always!
All my love and prayers,

Hermana Abby Jean Stewart

​Eating dinner with an investigator named Lucino