Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If we loose ourselves, we'll be found!

Estoy llena de gozo.  Estoy aprendiendo a expresar mi sentamientos y pensamientos mas en la mision, porque antes mi mision, estaba poquito dificil a expresar todo de mi pensamientos en mi corazon.  Entoces, a veses es mas facil para mi a expresar or hablar en espanol.  No puedo escribir bien, pero esta bien.  Estoy escuchando todo de los testimonios en la reunion de sacramental.  Wow, la gente aqui son incredible.  sus testimonios han tocando mi corazon.  estoy llena del Espiritu y el amor de nuestor Padre Celesial.  La decision a venir en una mision, fue la decision correcta.  Nuestor Padre Celesioal nos ama.  La iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es la vervadera iglesia en la tierra hoy.  Tenemos una profeta viviante, se llama Thomas. S. Monson.  Dios quere que nosotros progresar y crecer nuestro conocimento y tener experiencias aqui en la tierra.  Si nosotros heremos decisiones correctas, podemos regresar y vivir con el y JesuCristo y nuestros families para siempre.  Estoy muy agradecida por este plan.  El plan de Felizidad.  Estoy muy feliz.  Hay gozo en mi alma hoy!! :
Go Braves
This is what i wrote down in my journal during Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  I am just so happy right now!  Being a missionary is just amazing and I find more and more joy in the work every single day im here.  We are seeing miracles everyday.  There is just no possible way i couldnt think this church was true because of all of the goodness i see everyday.  Peoples lives are changing because of this Gospel.  People are happier in their lives because of the spirtit they feel when they hear this beautiful message we share everyday.  I dont think i have every cried so many happy tears until this week in my mission.  Seeing other people happy just is an incredible feeling that is indescribable!  

So one of the many miracles that we saw this week, happened yesterday.  First of all our Pday got switched since it was Labor Day, and that was a huge blessing to us.  If we would have had Pday yesterday, we never would have seen this miracle this week.  Yesterday, alright are you ready for this?  Are you sitting down?  We got a whole freaking family on Baptism date for September 19!!!!!!!!  This family is amazing.  It is a mom and two kids.  Ana is the mom and the two kids are Edmund he is 12 and Ayadi is 8.  We have only taught them 2 times.  they came to church on sunday and loved it!!  The mom Ana, actually was a refferal from church head quaters, and comes to find out that she reffered her self to missionarys!!  You dont see that everyday!  She just moved from Mexico and her sister had met with missionaries before and she told her to meet with them because they were really nice.  So yesterday we had an amazing lesson.  

We were sititng outside enjoying some nice Georgia sunshine, humidity, and bugs!  When we invited them they didnt even hardly hesitate.  Edmund is incredible little boy.  We told him on sunday that we were going to make them brownies.  When we knocked on the door he answered and saw that we had brownines, he then said "ok, now i trust you."  The whole entire lesson everyone was just participating and the comments the little kids would make were just so profound.  The mom said, "i know this church is true becuase we have been to alot of different churches and i have never seen my kids foccus so much on this lesson and look so happy to be learing about God."  When we got done teaching about baptism and when we invited them, the little girl Ayadi said "we have a pool over there, lets go right now" (all of these comments are actually in spanish just so you know so this is Hermana Stewarts english translation haha).  

                                   Ana and Edmund and Ayadi who are preparing for baptism on the 19th!
It was so cute, but we had to tell her we needed to help them prepare and teach them more.  They are going to start praying and reading the Book of Mormon everyday as a family, because they want to keep this joy in their lives.  My testimony grew so much in this lesson with them because it just goes to show that it is the spirit that makes our church true. it is the spirtit that touches their hearts.  We invited Ana to say the closing prayer. She says she has never prayed in her whole life.  She said the most beautiful prayer ever.  In her prayer she said, "thank you that me and my kids can prepare to be baptized on the 19th and for sending us this knowledge and happiness."  It was just amazing.  After the prayer she said she felt really good and knew that Heavenly Father was listening.  She didnt think she said a very good prayer, and then her cute little son turned to her and said, "this is only the beginning mamma."  That touched my heart so much.  We asked each of them how they were feeling after the lesson, and everyone of them said "major"..."better".  I love being a missionary!!  i love being able to bring people happiness.  

So another miracle that i had this week, not quite as big as the one i just talked about, but it was big to me!  We got fed Spagetti!!!!!!!!!!  OH! MY! GOSH! it tasted soo good!!!  who would have thought that a plate of home cooked spagetti would taste so darn good.  It was a little weird not having beans and rice and tortillas, but it was so nice to have a change haha!!!  I almost cried when Hermana Ayayla, a cute little perivial lady and her husband that feed us every thursday and they are members (i love eating at their house because they are from Peru so they eat potatas!!!), brought out that plate of spagetti!  It was a miracle!  i sometimes find that the smallest little things bring us the most joy!  The trick is though, is to always be mindful and look for those small little tender mercies of the Lord, becuase they are out there if you open your eyes wide enough.  Sometimes we get caught up waiting for something miraculous, that we miss several little tender mercies the Lord has given us.  So even eating a plate of spagetti is something so huge to me, a little white idahoan spanish misisonary haha.

Last monday we ran out of miles for the month after going to the library and grocery store, so we had to walk to one of our investigators house....we thought it was like 3 miles away....like 3 hours later we come to find out it was 6 miles after we drove it the next day!!!  We were so pooped!  Thats what you get for being a spanish missionary and having the luxery of having 1500 miles a month when english missionaries have 1000....i am so thankful for our car and air conditioning!!  Sometimes you have to struggle a little just so you can regognize how blessed you are haha!  But we do walk the Bufford Highway a couple of times a week.  So that is usually like 3ish miles a day, but now we are going to start taking the Marta bus because we are trying some different approaches of contacting.  Walking the Bufford is awesome because we are like downdown centeral to little mini mexico and the sidewalks are just filled with hispanics, ha its so great!  But now if we ride the bus, they have no way of excaping, theyll have to listen to us!  Im pretty siked about this idea!  

Ok anyway it was an amazing week and we just saw so many different miracles.  I wish i could just type out every single of them but time is short and i got a Stoffers Lazagna waiting for me to buy at walmart and eat ha!
 "and it came to pass that i behld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy.  and as i partook of the fruit therof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, i began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for i knew that it was desirable above all other fruit." 1 nephi 8:10,12.  We have tasted the fruit, and it tastes good!  there are so many people that are still out there wondering, but they dont know how to get here.  It is by our examples they can be found again and partake of this goodness with us.  That is my prayer always.  I love you my wonderful family!  Let us always cleve to the rod Of Iron, because that is where we can be brought true joy!
Hermana Stewart

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