Monday, September 14, 2015

Giving is True Having

Hi family!  This week sure did go by fast!  It was an amazing week though!  To start off I will talk about the amazing Lopez family that is preparing for Baptism this coming Saturday woot woot!  So Ana and her two kids Edwin and Ayari are amazing.  They are all very excited to get baptized.  We had some amazing lessons with them this week.  Can i just give a big shout out to the members of the Chamblee Branch because without them they probably wouldnt be getting baptized!  We have an amazing member called Zorida and she is always picking them up for church and picking them up and bringing them to her house so we can do a member pressent lesson in her house!  The members are just amazing here and they are so good at friendshiping all of our investigators that we bring!  Yesterday we taught the law of Chastity and thithing and Fasting.  When we asked Ana the mom to follow these laws, she didnt even hesitate and just said "YES!"  Like what the heck, that was easy.  I guess when people know its right, they will follow!  Anyway they are just so prepared!  

On Saturday we had Dia de las Naciones with 4 Spanish Branches.  it was so much fun.  There was a bunch of food from everyones different countries and people danced the dances from their countries and our Primary sang some primary songs.  We had so many of our investigators show up it was awesome and they all had so much fun!  We went to our investigator Walters house right before it started and he followed us in his car to the church and he brought his whole family and they had so much fun.  We were able to give a little tour of the church to all of our investigators and i loved being able to show them the Chapel.  there is such a sweet spirit to the chapel and i hope they could feel it too.  It was super a fun activity and i just wanted to dance to all the spanish music, but i couldnt haha.  

So sunday was kind of a cool like experience that happened to me.  So we got to the church early cus we had a meeting with our Branch President and we were just waiting in the Relief Society room and i had this wierd feeling to look out the window.  So i didnt think anything of it but i did it anyway.  i saw 3 people trying to get into the building but i was locked so they started walking away.  i hadnt regognized them, but i hurried and ran out the door.  And my companions came running too as i just told them to come but they didnt know why haha.  So i hurried and opened up the door for them and they were almost to their car and i yelled "buenos dias!"  then they came in and i was talking with them and they were like "habla espanol?"  and i was like, "si" haha and we took them into the Chapel and were just visiting with them.  they werent members but it was a grandma with her daughter and husband and i guess the grandma lady had gone to our church in Guatemala.  Anyways so they stayed for the whole church and loved it and of course we got their information.  It was a neat little experience of seeing the outcome of listening to the still small voice of the spirit.  The Lord is Blessing the Rama de Chamblee in so many amazing ways!!  

We ate at this less active families house this week and she is the one that i think i told yall about when i ate that meal that litterally made me cry it was so hot.  HAha what i whimp i used to be!  So she always cooks so spicy and i love it!!  She made us the same incheladas  (no idea how to spell that) and she had this chile that she had made, and it tasted so good!!  I tried it first and it was a little spicy (when i first got here it probably would have killed me ha) but it was so good.  so i just smothered it all over my encheladas.  Ya...bad idea.  Let me tell you what this chile consited of.....seeds.  Haha yep it was chile of just pure seeds.  Holy moly probably not the best for my stomache!  I have never had such bad heart burn, mmm but it was so worth it because it tasted so good.  As im typing this im litterally lauging because i never thought i would ever come to like hot food, but the mission changes a person haha!! 
So this week was good.  Transfers are next Wednesday so we will see what happens.  There is one 5 of us spanish sisters, so we might get another new one or who knows.  But what ever happens, the work will continue! :) I still cant believe that i have been out for 4 months!!  i am 1/4.5 of the way done.  That is just so crazy!  I guess time flies when you are having a blast!  I am so thankful for my amazing family!  I love you all so much!  I am always praying for you, and i can always feel your prayers and love for me.  Sometimes life may be hard, but remember that through our trials we are made stronger.  We have a loving Savior who made it possible to overcome these challenges that we may be facing.  He knows what we are going through.  We have a loving Heavenly Father that loves us so much.  He is always there to comfort us in any moment we need. "My child, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine affllictions shall be but a small moment." DyC 121:7.  I can testify of this.  Sometimes life is hard and sometimes this mission we are all on is hard, but i know that with our Savior Jesus Christ we can overcome them and they will be stepping stones to something great out there.  I love you all so much!  Have a blessed week, and remember Jesus loves you.
Hermana Stewart

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