Monday, September 28, 2015

You can make the Pathway Bright

​Edwin in his new suit and he gets to start passing the sacrament!!
My District!

I tried crossing this river...and then the Holy Ghost told me that was probably a bad idea haha

Hi Family!

This week was great!  It has been raining all week long.  I felt like we knocked a million doors this week.  Knocking doors was probably my least favorite thing to do when I first came out cus I just felt so awkward.  And now that I have just accepted that I am just an awkward person and knocking random peoples doors asking them if we can say a prayer with them is probably really weird to people, its the funnest thing ever!  You never know what to expect haha!  You are either going to get rejected, door slammed in your face, people cussing you out and yelling at you, the so so people that will let you pray with them, AND THEN you just find that ONE!!  the one that has an open heart so that the spirit can testify of the truth fullness of our message!!  You may have to knock 1,000 doors before you find that one, but they are so worth it!  Door knocking is the best!! :D

Something cool that happened this week is we are working with this family that has went less active ever since i came to Chamblee.  They are the ones we eat at their house everyweek and i dont ask what the food is i just eat it.  They are awesome though, but they got offended by someone in the branch so that is why they dont come to our Branch anymore, its always "chismes" with these people!  Drama drama dramA.  But they actaully agreed to try coming back to Chamblee to "visit" the Sunday after Conference!!! wahoooo!  We never thought they would even agree on that, but the Lord truly softens peoples hearts!

So i taught my companions some Big Foot calls... just in case we come across any Bigfoot in Georgia.  Its highly possible with all the trees here!  When we were out tracting this week there was a lady sitting on the curb holding a big ol Cell phone, and i was just smiling and being friendly so i waved and said hi to her.  Then she went to wave back to me, but apparently she forgot the phone was in her hand, so she dropped the phone and it broke, and i felt really bad!  See what i get for being friendly ha!  So we were in Branch Coralation with ward mission leader and i was talking about how our week went, and i said something wrong in spanish and it was super embarrasing!  I said "Estabamos tocando cuerpos"...which in English means "We were knocking bodies."  I definitely meant to say doors "puertas."  At least my companions and the Elders got a good laugh out of it.  

We got to watch the General Womens Conference on Saturday and that was sooo good!  And conference is next week wahoooo!!  Conference really is GOLD to missionaries!  I found a cool scriptures in the Book of Mormon the other day and it made me think of General conference thats coming up.  Its in 1 nefi 19:24 "Hear ye the words of the prophet...hear ye the words of the prophet...and liken them unto yourselves, that ye may have hope..." I really liked that and Im excited to hear to Words of our Wonderful prophet and liken them to all thats going on in my life as a missionary and hopefully to help my Investigotors as well and give us all hope.  Im super excited!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy conference too!  Im anxious to see who the new apostles will be.  Sorry this email is so short this week!  Just not alot happened, but it was still a great week! :) One of my most favoritest scriptures that i want to share will yall is in 2 nephi 5:27 "And it came to pass that we did live after the manner of happiness."  Dont you just love that!!  Heavenly Father created us to have joy and happiness not just sit in missery all the days long.  Happiness is a choice!  "You can make the pathway bright, fill the soul with heavens light if there's sunshine in your heart.  turning darkness into day as the shadows fly away if there's sunshine in your heart today.  You can live a happy life in this world of toil and strife if theres sunshine in your heart; and your soul will glow with love from the perfect light about, if theres sunshine in your heart today.  if theres sunshine in your heaart. you can send a shining ray that will turn the night today; and your cares will all depart, if theres sunshine in your heart today."  Thank you all for being my rays of sunshine.  I hope you all have a bright sunshiny week!!  I love you all so much!
All my love and prayers always,
Hermana Abby Jean Stewart

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