Monday, October 12, 2015

I Feel My Saviors Love

Hola Y'all!

Wasn't conference awesome!!!!  So inspiring!  I know that each of those new appostels are men called of God, and I could feel their love of the Savior in their testimonies!  I thought alot about my wonderful family while listening to conference knowing that we were all listening at the exact same time.  Mom i weapt like a little baby during Elder Hollands talk thinking about the love you have for me and for my family.  There are no words to describe of my appritiation for you.  You are my example momma, and i wouldnt be who i am today if it weren't for you always being there for me, leading and guiding me with your selfless christlike love.  I love you alot mom.  We had a crazy conference experience.  We went to our church building because it was supposed to be in spanish and english and me and my companions all were in  agreence of watching it in english.  So we got the the building at 11:30 saturday knowing that it would start at 12 but no one was there and then the spanish elders came and we all tried figuring out how to hook it up...but no luck so at like 12:45 we bagged and tagged to the Stake center and caught the last hour of conference there luckily :) Then Sunday morning our correlation meeting went until 12:02 and then we dashed to the car because it wasnt even set up in spanish or english in our building and then we went to the Brocket building again and walked in right as President Monson was bearing his testimony.  Wow what an amazing testimony.  

There were so many amazing talks and i could definitely feel my saviors love the whole time.  Its amazing what you can get out of conference!  That was probably the first time i actually listended and took notes and kept listened and didnt fall asleep haha!  Wow it was just amazing!  i feel like there was a theam to it!!  It talked alot about temples, temple covenants, and ALWAYS having the spirit with us!  Thats definitely what i want to strive for is always having the spirt and staying close to the temple!  There was a statement that was said in one of the prayers something like "close the gap between what you know to what you feel to what you do." i really like that!  We all know this church is true, and yesterday and saturday we felt the holy ghost whisper to us of the truth of the wonderful messages and of things we many need to work on and improve on.  Now we just need to DO IT!!  I am defintely going to strive to be better than i was yesterday and tomorrow be a little better than i was today...and continue that even when times of hardships come.  I will hold firmer and firmer the that iron rod.  I will stand strong.  i will do these things because i know this church is true.  I love my Savior and because i love him i will strive to keep his commandments.  i am thankful that through the Atonement i can be forgiven of my short coming and mistakes and be what Heavenly Father wants me to become.  I know that if we just keep on trying, and dont give up, the award that awaits us is oh so worth it!

So funny story.  So first of all, i got permission to write the following things from Hermana Bringhurst.  Me and my companion Hermana Bringhurst (the white one from Utah "la fabrica") we have started a little competion...of who can burp the loudest...ah im so ashamed :/ but a mission changes you..better yet, my companions have changed me. haha but of course hands down she wins every time!  She a vocal major for pete sake so i swear its something to do with her vocal cords that she can just make them so loud.  Oh and btw Hermana Gallardo does not participate in these.  Anyway so she burps more than any person i have ever met and she burps louder than anyone i have ever met.  You know that part off of the Movie "elf" well she puts will farrell to shame!  Any way so i always tease her about how one of these days she is going to accidentally burp in a lesson and i will just laugh at her....hahhaha it came true this week!  We were at a less actives house and we were teaching the restoration and hermana bringhurst shared a scriptured she then did a little cough to clear her throat and the most BIGGEST AND LOUDEST burp came out!!!!  oh my heck we were all crying it was so funny!  yikes! Real dignifiied haha, luckily it was a member and not an investigator!  It was a good laugh though!
We went with a return missionary for a few hours on Thursday.  She just got back from serving in California spanish speaking!  That was way fun!  We had some great lessons with her.  We went to the temple and did a session Wednesday!  I love being in the temple.  We sat in there for ever because we didnt want to leave.  The peace i feel in the temple is just indescribable.  

We had a crazy great week!  Let me just tell you in detain how one of those days went down.  I would call this day "alot of try and alot of no one liking us." so we had amazing studies in the morning and we were ready to tackle on the day and see amazing success and lots of appointments planned.  So we went to our first appointment, we heard them in there house, answere.  So we went to another appartment saw her walking in her house, knocked on her answer.  We got out of the car to knock another persons door saw her in the window and smiled at her, answer.  Then we parked in some parking lot on bufford highway so that we could walk to our investigator Walters house because its a good finding oppertunitly when we walk and hand out pass along cards.  So we got to walters house and saw him drive in, park the car and go into his house.  We were so excited to see him!  we knock on the door, no answer...then finally his daughter answered and said her dad wasnt there!  Sometimes people just dont like us i guess haha!  so we were walking back to our car on the bufford and we stopped to talk to this guy, he was pretty drunk.  We asked if we could say a prayer with him, and i wish i could just draw this image for you, weirdest prayer of my life.  We were on the side of the most busiest road, and he said we could say a prayer and he just stuck his hand out with his palm facing towards the ground.  I looked at Hermana Gallardo like what the heck is he doing!  under her breath she said "just put your hand there." so all cheer lead style "go team go" we said a prayer like that.  It just felt weird and so awkward.  One of the most awkward moments so far because there were so many cars driving by and we looked like we were doing some weird basketball cheer, BUT.  when the prayer was over he had tears in his eyes.  It was pretty cool.  I know that Heavenly Father was listening to our prayer even though it looked really weird.  Then we got his info and gave him a BOM then we saw him walking in to get more beer, oh boy.  When he sobers up though he will look at that book and hopefully read it and feel the spirit!  Then we got back to the car and a homeless guy comes up to us and asks us for money or food.  We told him we didnt have no money because we are missionaries and he asked if we had food and we said no all i had was my bag of sour patch kids.  Well he stole my sour patch kids..haha sad day.  

Then we had a dinner appointment all the way in East point the other side of Altanta.  2 hours of traffic later we ate a delishous plate of enchelatas!   and we had a rockin member pressent lesson with the family that fed us they had friends over!  It was a really cool experience!  Somedays are better than others, but everyday is good if you look at the bright side!  Sometimes we wont always see success in our efforts but we can sure plant seeds.    
Here is a cool story now of someone that planted a seed in a gentlemens heart a while back in El Salvador.  The missionary in El Salvador didnt get to see the success, but other people will.  And whoever that missionary was, i am thankful for them and there efforts.  We have an investigator named Juan and he heard missionaries talking to his brother in el Salvador a long time ago.  He never took the discussions but he remembers feeling something.  We met him knocking.  We gave him the Book of Mormon and ever since then he has been reading from it.  He knows its true and it wasnt by coiinsidnece that we found him.  We are meeting with him tonight and i am really excited!!  So to be continued on the guy from El Salvador!  haha wouldnt that be cool if you taught his brother Tyler!!   Haha that would be cool.

Anyways it was a good week!  I am pumped with the spirit and ready to have another rocking week!!  i hope you all enjoyed conference!  I sure do love my Savior and I feel his love for me and for all of you every single day.  "im trying to be like jesus; im  following in his ways. im trying to love as he did, in all that i do and say.  at times i am tempted to make a wrong choce, but i try to listen as the still small voice whispers, love one another as jesus loves you. try to show kindness in all that you do. be gentle and loving in dead and in thought, for these are the things jesus taught.  im trying to love my neighbor; im learning to serve my friends.  i watch for the day of gladness when jesus will come again. i try to remember the lessons he taught then the holy spirit whispers into my thoughtys saying love one another as jesus loves you. try to show kindness in all that you do. be gentle and loving in dead and in thought, for these are the things jesus taught."  I hope we can all strive to not only do as Jesus does, but to be as Jesus is.  I love you all so much my wonderful family!

Hermana Stewart

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