Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Go and Do

                                                       ​us and coke world
(October 19th 2015)
Hola como están mi familia?  les extrano mucho, pero me encanta a ser una misionera.  todo esta bien aqui, estamos trabajando duro como siempre.  bueno, voy a escribir en ingles ahora jaja.
HI family!  Wow que rapido this week went way fast!  i didnt even have time to blink it went so fast!  A lot of cool things happened this week!  

Ok so to start off last Pday we went to World of Coca Cola!  so so cool!!  it was really fun!  All the missionaries in Atlanta said we needed to go so we checked it out.  They had us go into this room to watch a coco cola commercial and i felt like i was in a movie theature cus thats what it looked like!  It was so good, i was like crying throughout the whole thing!  We met two LDS families that came up and said hello to us!  that was cool!  no one ever knows who we are or are even members!  Rare occasion.  Then they had 104 different types of cocoa cola products from all around the world.  Me and my companions tried every single one except the teas of course.  THat was a lot of soda!!  so fun though!

Holy moly my brain cant even think right now!  Missionary brain and Add does not go well together.  Bare with me this is going to be an all over the place email today!
Us eating cheese cake bites from the Bringhurst

So we taught Juan the one from El Salvador again monday night.  invited him to get baptized. He said everything is the Book of Mormon, joseph smith, even our church, but sais hes catholic and so ya, we are teaching him again tonight so that will go good and we will teach him more about baptism. Woot woot hes awesome though!
So remember that rerferal Maria we got well she doesnt like us haha but because of her we got another referal and met Lupe!  She is golden!  Not quite as golden as Ana and her family.  i mean Ana was so golden she made Budah look Black!  But she is pretty amazing!  We knocked on her door and she was a llittle hesitant at first but we finally got our way into her house to say a prayer but then we thought her a lesson and it was mostly all about the Book of Mormon.  So when we were talking to her she said we were an answer to her prayers.  She prayed that morning to find happiness, and then she knew she had found it when she opened the door and saw us.  Anyway it was a cool little moment.  Then we came back the next day and she wasnt there but then the next day she was there and we only could talk to her for a few minutes because then we had to go to another appointment but she wanted to just talk to us and tell us about all these cool experiences she has had since she met us.  She said that day that her friends said that there was something different about her then she told some other weird stories haha but at least she regognizes that we have something different, THE SPIRIT!  We are really excited to meet with her again next week.  oh well this week i guess haha.  
Me and Hermana Bringhurst
Ok so funny story real quick.  So we went to an appointment and this lady Guadelupe fed us Watermelon then i drake a whole water bottle.  Then after that we went to QT (a gas station we go to and get soda..you gotta reward yourself somethimes.) but then we go to another appointment.  OH. my heck!  I had to go to the bathroom so baddly!  Like it wasnt even funny, at the time, but my comps sure thought it was funny!  I litterally almost couldnt hold it!  We hurry and drove to the closest gas staion, and i just bolted out of the car running into the  gas station saying "praying in your hearts sisters!"  and they didnt have a bathroom!!  It was just so terrible and i just thought i wasnt going to make it.  Finally we find a Publix grocery store and thank goodness it had a bathroom.  i was not about to pee my skirt at almost 20 years old.  I just wasnt gonna let that happen!  phew glad i made it.  ANyway that was a weird story, dont know why i just told that.  Well what ever i still got the awkward badge on for 13 more months.  
Mata Family
our cake
Now i just want to talk about sunday because it was incredible!  We had Elder Ulises Shuadi come (dont know how to spell sorry) from the seventy and speak to our little spanish branch along with President Sulevan (from meet the mormons hes the black bishop) sooo cool!!  it was so amazing!  They talked about the sacrament and sunday day of rest.  We had 135 people there!!!!!  That is like a record for Chamblee.  First sunday here was like 30 people!  WOw so awesome!  We even had to open the overflow, haha me and my comps were just crying we were so happy!  Plus we had like 9 less actives there!  That was awesome and one investigator that just randomly showed up that we havent seen since like the first transfer i was here!  boo yahh.  Miracles just pouring down on the Chamblee Branch!  See, i knew they would be coming!  They'll be coming round the mountain when they come!
                                                Celebrating our BDAys
Sorry this email is just probably really boring this week.  My brain is not working very well ha.  It was a really good week though!  oh we got Guadelupe on date for 21 next month!  That was a miracle!  she was a member refferal from my first trasnfer.  She is progrossing now and so that is pretty cool!  We are working with some amazing people right now.  All of our progressing investigators are mostly people we have found knocking!  Life is really great right now!  but time is flying so fast i cant even wrap my mind on things.  The days just moosh together, and i wish for it to slow down just for a second but i have a feeling thats not going to happen.  Being a missionary is absolutely wonderful.  Im just so darn happy always!  The Lord is wonderful and i can truly feel him blessing us and working right beside us everyday.  "and moreover, i would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God.  For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they many dwell with God in a state of NEVER-ENDING HAPPINESS.  o rememember, remember, that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it." mosiah 2:41.  I have a testimony of this.  Of obedience and happiness!!  As a missionary, i have never felt so close to the spirit, so close to my Savior, and so so happy.  I am smiling write now thinking of how blessed i am.  Its so much easier for us to be obiedient.  Its the way to go.  We will be happy and if we always hold out faithful to the end, we will dweel with God in a state of never-ending happiness.  Wow.  That is incredible.  Just wonderful.  Even in the hardest of times we can choose, choose to keep smiling, choose to keep going, choose to be happy.  And Go and Do.  I love you all so much!  Thanks for being my happiness.  Have a peachy week!
All my love and prayers always,
Hermana Stewart :)
Me and Hermana Bringurst are the best cockroach catchers in town!  Who do you call...sister missionaries!
 and 45 minutes later....boiled cockroach. 

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