Monday, June 29, 2015

Less than full of energy...with a smile:)

 The one in the pink in Zorida and the one in the blue with the baby is our investigator Hilda!!
Hi Family!

Wow so much to tell you about this week.  For the most part it has been really great.  I will start with my companions.  Ya that's right, plural.  I'm in another trio haha.  It is great though being in a trio.  They are both my trainers.  They both have been out only 3 months.  They have been companions the whole entire time even in the MTC.  How lucky am I to have two trainers?!  There name's are Hermana Cortez from Peru/Utah and Hermana Gollardo from California.  Ya do you hear those last names, both native speaks.  They are bomb at spanish!  They are really alot of fun.  Super down to earth.  We are about an half hour or so from downtown Atlanta.  

Our area is Chamblee.  It is the biggest area in the mission and we cover it.  We are over a spanish branch with a set of spanish elders.  Just a few fun facts for you all.  There are 220 ish missionaries in the Atlanta Mission.  There are 8 spanish elders and 6 spanish sisters.  The other 3 spanish sisters are one that trained my trainers (my grandma) and she has been out for 15 months and she was an english but she got changed to spanish when she trained my trainers (my moms).  The other one came out the same day as me but i didnt know her because she is native speaker and then the other one has been out for 3 months two.  Entonces, me and my companions and the other two hermanas are the first to be called as "spanish speaking sister" in the Georgia Atlanta mission.  Pretty cool huh!  So after my new companions came and got me we had to drive 2 hours to our new appartment in Doraville.  It rains sooo much and soo hard here!  Its insane!  The first day with my companions was spent driving and thats about it haha.  Not really anything exciting.  Then the next day, so thursdaywas pretty cool.  We had a really long weekly planning session and then we had an appointment with the familia Ayala.  They are members a cute older peruvian couple. 

My companions thought this would be funny haha.

Oh ya, so much for my fried southern barbaque food expectation because i aint gonna get any of that here haha!  They cooked some yummy peruvian food, well yummy for the most part.  We had this weird salid thing for the appatizer.  Then for the main dish it was rice and then this potatoe thing with chicken and raisins inside(really weird), i actually thought that they were sweat beans until i looked at them closer haha.  And then a big ol pile of raw onions with this weird vineger stuff on it.  Everything was good except for the onions part.  I knew i had to eat them so i wouldnt make them feel bad, so i took a big scoop and put it in my mouth.  I wanted to gag so baddly.  It ws so gross.  I finally choked it down but i still had a bunch of the pile to go.  I prayed so hard that i wouldnt gag in the next bites and i finally choked them down.  Then we had this cake weird stuff.  It was pretty good.  Oh wow, i am talking way too much about food now im hungry.  

Ok anyways, Then we got 3 refferals from them!!  When we left i saw this lady putting card board boxes in the dumpster.  We ran over to help her and we stroke up a conversation.  We got her information and she wants us to come teach her.  Her name in Hilda.  Im sure you will here more about her because she is just so prepared to recieve this gospel.  Then on friday we went over to Maria's house.  She is way less active.  We taught her an she made us lunch.  Weirdest lunch i have ever had.  It was two hamburger patties with the hottest guacamolie sauce you have ever tasted, and then noodles with the hottest spagettie sauce you have ever tasted and then tortillas.  So you put some burger and noodles in the the tortilla and eat it.  I am not going to lie, it was way weird but strangley pretty good.  Oh and i put down probably 8 of those little tortillas and then we had apple soda.  Mexicans love their fruit soda and fruit water with a boat load of suger, but no complaints from me!  Then we did some finding.  And then we had a dinner appointment with Zorida (shes a member) and her boyfriend Hector (hes investigating the church.)  Zorida is the bomb!  She owns her own restruant and she has cooked for us like 3 times this week.  Oh another thing, you dont have to worry about me going hungry because we have like 2 dinner appointments a day haha.  She made some tacos with a boat load of onions!  What is with these people and their onions?  Talk about eternal onion breath!!  

Ok another thing is that their food is not hot, not spicy...its FREAKING SPICY!  Like seriously, I like to call it "the babtize by fire method" Wowzers!!  She is really cool though.  She always calls us "freaking Hermanas!"  She went to get me more tacos and when she brought them back i said to her, "Freaking Hermana! usted es el mejor!"  which means you are the best!  Totally won her heart!!  So everyone calls me "huera" which means whitey!  haha! 
Atlanta, Georgia!!
On Saturday us and the elders planned an activity for all the members and our investigators "lehi's dream".  So we set up everthing we had some members helping with being the distractions with music and food and movies and games in the gymn and then we had an irorn rod leading into the chapel.  We invited Hilrid to come and she called and said she was coming!!!  It was supposed to start at 6 and it was 630 and no one was showing up.  It would have been really bad if only our investigator showed and not the members.  So me and my companions went and prayed for a miracle.  We had done our part by calling everyone in the ward and getting everything organized. We needed Heavenly Fathers help.  Well we got our Miracle.  It went super great!!  Hilrid loved it!!  Church was awesome.  I love all the people!  There is about 60 or so people in our branch.  Hispanics just have such big hearts.  Ok another funny thing is that the sisters their way of greeting like kind of a kiss on the cheek.  Weirdest thing cus they are all strangers but i guess have to get used to that.  I can comunicate kind of with them.  During all of our lessons its really frustrating because i just sit there because i dont know what is going on most of the time.  Learning a language is really hard.  Sometimes i wonder why Heavenly Father wants me to learn this language.  I dont know why, but all i can do when i am discouraged is say,

I will go.  I will do.  The Things the Lord Commands.  I know the Lord provides a way.  He wants me to obey.  I know that with the Lord I will be able to learn this languege, but for right now the Lord does not want me to be fluent.  I need to learn hard work patience through much struggle and suffering.  But I Know that he will provide away.  All that i can do is keep working my tail off.  After FHE last night with the Mendoza family, I said to my companions "you dont even need me.  All i do is sit there, and dont say anything."  Hermana Cortez looked at me and said "if we didn't need you, you wouldnt be here right now."  That really got to me.  I really do love being a missionary and doing the Lords work.  I love this mission he has given to me.  Because he has commanded and given me this mission, I will go and do!

I love you all so much.  I hope you have a fantastic week.  Remember to always read your scriptures and be more like Nephi in any struggle or situation you might encounter.  The Lord will provide away!  I got to go back to do the Lord's work now.    I'm always praying for you and sending you my love.  Talk to you next week.  God speed.

Hermana Stewart

This is at the church Lehi's dream activity.
This is where most of our people are.  
We like to call it mini Mexico.  We are so blessed to live where we live!

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