Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 3

Hola mi familia,
Greeting from the CCM!  Not sure what that stands for but its the MTC in spanish.  Wow i cant believe i have been out for 3 weeks now.  In some ways its gone by really fast, but in others its felt like its been eternity.  I can not wait to get out of this place.  Im going crazy with no sunlight and being in a room all day haha.  But we do have so much fun while we work.  This week has flown by and it has been filled with much happiness.  i will just start from last thrusday.  Last thursday in the morning we taught Jose again for the second time.  He is not actually our investigator we just found him out on a bench but he wanted us to teach him again so of course we are gonna teach him.  The lesson was so powerful.  When i was bearing my testimony and telling him that i know he will see his mom again just like i will see my grandpas again and i dont really remember what else i said, but he had tears coming down his eyes.  Then hermana weaver looked at him and said, "will you follow the example of jesus christ by being batized by proper preistood authority from god?" and he said YES!!!!!!  so pretty much all the investigators are members but still it felt so real.  It was amazing and i cant wait for that to happen for reals in Georgia.  We totally forgot to set a date with him...woops, but thats why we are here is to learn.  We are teaching him again tomorrow to get him prepared and ready for baptism so we wont forget this time!
Then on friday we taught our Investigator Mercedes for the third time.  She is really difficult she doent think the Book of mormon is necessary and its really frustrating because she wont even read like 1 verse or even look or touch a book of mormon.  So we went into the lesson determined and excited.  That lesson went absolutely horrible.  Worst lesson ever.  I asked her if she would read one of the paragraphs in the introduction after teaching a little more about how the book of mormon is necessary, and once again she completely shut me down.  I was so frustrated with her and after that i lost the spirit and then the whole rest of the lesson went terribly.  Our minds were not clear and spanish was not working for us.  I felt really bad because it was probably all my fault and i apologized to my companions, but we all just were not on our game for that lesson.  I definitely learned my lesson after that to just keep loving my investigators rather than get frustrated.  
On saturday we just had a bunch of class, not really anything exciting happened.   But we did teach mario and raffiel both of them are our teachers acting as investigators and they went pretty good.  Sunday was a really good day.  I really love sundays.  I love that we have so much free study time because then i can just read my scriptures.  I love just reading them!!  Church was good.  I got called on to give a talk.  We dont know we are talking until after sacrament so we just always have to have a talk ready.  I was the first one to give a talk in my district because the other district in our zone has been giving talks, so at least now i dont have to give a talk for a while hehe.  I can now say i have given my first 5 minute sacrament talk in pure espanol, and freaking rocked it that is.  About 90% of it was sentences directely copied from preach my gospel haha and the other 10 was my testimony.  It was on repentence and when ever i said the word sins "pecados" i acidentally put the accent in the wrong spot and everytime is said it (i said it probably 10 times) the other district in our zone that have been here alot longer would giggle.  That made me really nervous cus i knew i was probably saying something wrong but i just went with it and took it like a champ.  After words everyone told me i sounded like a hillbilly trying to speak a different language haha one day i will show them.  The devotional  was great.  It was an older lady that wrote like half the primary childerens hymn book and we sang lots of her melodies so i really liked that.  
Monday we did service in the morning and then spent like 2 hours at the doctor because i gave my companion my sickness, but at least we got to walk to the pharmacy and actually go off campus and into the real world!!  Then yesterday was so amazing!!!  We taught mercedes again.  In my personal studies i wrote down a question of what can we teach her to help her come unto christ.  then in my scripture study everything i read was talking about repentence.  So we got our lesson all ready and went in after praying with much faith for the spirit.  She opened up so much to us.  She finally trusts us.  The spirit was definitely in our minds because all of us had such clear minds and understood her and recalled much spanish when talking back to her.  I asked her if i could share an example from the book of mormon about repentence, and she said yes.  I didnt ask her to read it, but instead i picked up my chair and brought it right next to hers.  I held my scriptures right under her face and read Alma 36:18-21 and pointed word for word as i read it to her.  She looked at it!!  It was amazing!!  Then we finished our lesson, and i put a book of mornmon right into her hand and said here is a gift for you.  She excepted it!!! ahhhhh!! Then we said a prayer and i was litterally grinning from ear to ear. when we went out of the lesson we all like screamed for joy!!  It was so amazing.  We helped her come unto christ by teaching with the spirit.  Last nights devotional we got the amazing oppurtunitly to hear from another apposle two weeks in a row, Elder D. Todd Christofferson!  It was really great!!
Overall my week was really great!!  I love my companions and my district!  I wish i had more time and that i was a faster typer but i am running out of time.  I love you all so much.  Always remember to pray always, read your scriptures always, be happy always, smile always and strive for the best!!  May the Lord always bless you.  I hope you all have an amazing week and i cant wait to here from you soon.  With much love,
Hermana Stewart

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