Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vale la Pena!

 Hola family!!!  
So the title of my email this week is rather fitting for how my week has been.  It means "it is worth the pain or "sacrifice"
 So this is probably going to be a rather short email so i appoligize!!  This week has been pretty good!  Working harder than ever!  I cant wait to get out to georgia!!!!!!!!!  I leave at 3:35 am from the MTC on tuesday morning and then i fly out of slc at 8:30 in the morning!!  Im so nervous but im anxious too!!  So on sunday me and Elder Pace sang a special musical number in sacrament!  Fist solo ever!!  We rocked it haha.  We sang hark all ye nations in spanish.  We each sang a verse solo and then the 3rd verse we harmonized.  I have learning alot this week.  Its been probably the hardest week ever, but there is always something to learn from it ha!
Ok question from all you RM's!!  I have had this question for the past couple of weeks and if i could get your advice that would be super great!!  My question is, "How can i be a really great consecrated missionary that is super obedient an hard working, but still have fun?"  I have had a really hard time finding the balance between these two.  I definitely want to work really hard, but i like to have fun too!  Im not sure if that really makes sense haha.  I cant believe i leave in 5 days!!  So crazy!!  We have been sand volleyballing it up a lot lately and spike ball too!!  Have you ever heard of spike ball??  Funnest game ever!! You have to get it and play it!!  I need you all to get really good so when i come home in 17 months i will have some competition to go up against (im pretty beast at it and always beat the elders!)  I miss you all so much but i love you all so much too!! I am trying to work harder than ever!!  I want so badly to be the best missionary i can be and to help others.  If i can leave you with one piece of advise for this week it would have to be, "Let your mouth be the same as your hands".  My goal i am working on this week is striving to work so hard.  I may not be good at spanish or teaching or lots of other stuff, but by golly i can work!  Im striving to "stroke when i dont want to stroke, kick when i dont want to kick"  Work work work work!!!  HAha not as easy as it sounds but all i can do is try!!  I love you all so much!!!  I cannot wait to talk to you all very soon!!  I pray for you always!  Dont worry about me i am doing fantastic!!  Always strive for your best and the Lord will provide the rest!
  With much love,
Hermana Stewart

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