Monday, November 7, 2016

God is Good (10/31/2016)

Hello Everyone!!! 
OH my goodness we had the BEST week evah!!!!  Oh by the way Happy Halloween to y'all!!!!  I ordered an English name tag just so I could dress up as Sister Stewart today instead of Hermana Stewart haha!

We had so much fun in Dallas, Ga last week with the other sisters.  We carved pumpkins!  Sister De La Rosa Frias has never carved pumpkins before, so that was a hoot!

Coolest Miracle Evah: Okay so y'all be knowing our investigator Lisa.  Sister Sundwall (my last companion) and I found her and her husband like 6 months ago in a store parking lot.  We have been working so closely with her.  We have truly seen the power of the Book of Mormon take part in her conversion.  She has learned how to read using the Book of Mormon, grown closer to her husband, and increased in her faith in Jesus Christ.  She has been taught all the lessons and retaught all the lessons haha, reads the Book of Mormon everyday, and is keeping all her commitments.  We have invited her several of times to be baptized, but each time she say's Im not going to say yes just yet.  So on Sunday we called Lisa to remind her of church, but she didn't answer.  We drove out to her house and knocked on the door.  No answer.  Then we knocked on her window.  Yes missionaries can be a little awkward sometimes haha ;) She was so thankful we came and woke her up because her phone shut off, so she wouldn't have gotten up.  Then we got to church and the Stake Patriarch was speaking and two minutes before it started we got asked to speak.  That was fun :) You got to love the on the spot, trust in the Lord to fill your mouth talks :) Then I realized that the Stake Patriarch totally fixed my tooth for me 14 months ago.  Afterwards I just had to go tell him he has been in my mouth.  Then Lisa asked Brother Kimball (past mission president, temple president, and now a temple sealer) to give her a blessing of comfort.  Lisa then received the most beautiful blessing of comfort I have ever heard and felt.  I felt the power of the priesthood.  There were many things that stood out to me in the blessing, but the one thing I want to share with y'all is that he said her mother has accepted this gospel and is now waiting for her to do her work and be sealed to her and her father.  Brother Kimball knew her mama, and he said that he felt her mama's presence very strongly in the temple this past week.  He then said right after the blessing "now pick a date."  We then invited her for the 19th of November and she accepted!!!!!!!!  This is the miracle we have all been praying for including her!  The Lord is so pleased with Lisa and her decision to be baptized.  She went around telling EVERYONE after church that she was going to be baptized.  My favorite reaction was Sister Askew screaming haha!!  The Lord truly set up everything just perfectly so she felt comfortable and ready to go forward with faith.  Truly the credit is all the Lord's and His spirit working through everyone that day.  God is Good!

Saturday we had our Branch Trunk or Treat and Chilly Cook Off!!  That was so much fun!!!  Sister De La Rosa Frias and I made Flan(an amazing spanish dessert).  It was hit!  It was so cool to have so many people show up and we were just running around crazy trying to meet everyone and their dog that showed up!!
Well Y'all I hope you have a fantastic Halloween.  Don't be too crazy.  Be safe.  We have to be in at 7 p.m.tonight and get to have extra studies woot woot!  I love extra study time! :) I want you all to know that the Lord loves you.  He is mindful of you.  He knows exactly how you feel right now.  He hears your prayers.  We don't need to know why this or why that, but all we need to know is that He loves us.  From the words of my scripture hero Nephi responding to the angel asking if he knows the condesnscension of God "I know that He loveth his children, nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." 1 nephi 11:16-17  Keep your head up.  And please never forget just how much the Lord loves you.

Have a blessed week!  I love y'all!!
Hermana Stewart :) .....oh wait Sister Stewart ;)

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