Monday, November 21, 2016

There Ain't No Goin Back

Hello Hello Hello!!!!

Wow what an amazing week we had!!!  I just don't even know where to start off!!  First of all my companion is training!!!!!!!  Ahhh I'm soo excited for her!!!!!  There is some crazy things happening here!!!  She is actually going to white was an area (the sweetwater spanish ward and Douglasville English ward) and train a new missionary.  And Sister Sundwall, my previous companion that i had in C-town is coming back to Cedartown!!!  WHAT?!  Crazy!!!  We didn't get the call until last night from President Foote.  We had just texted him and told him how awesome our day and week were.  He called us right away and said he just recieved revelation and that our text message confirmed it.  It was soo funny because I have been telling Sister DLRF since day one when I picked her up that she could train in 12 weeks, so then yesterday we were both just so shocked and surprised.  I was like "ahhh i told you that you were going to train!"  And she was like "yeah you told me i was going to train, but you didn't tell me i was going to white wash an area!"(white wash means you and your companion have never been in the area)  haha we were just laughing!  Too awesome!!!!  Cedartown and this new area where Sister DLRF is going are in great great hands!!!  

Miss Lisa Collier!!!!  Ahhh she got baptized!!!!  Wow what a crazy trip it has been, but with the Lord she made it!!!!  it was an amazing service!!!  Sister Sundwall and Sister Bringhurst came up for the baptism since it was Sister Sundwall and I that originally started teaching her.  It was a beautiful program.  Sister Sundwall and I stood by the inside of the font so that we could help her come up the stairs and she just hugged us so long after she came out of the water!  She was crying and soo happy!!  When she came out of the fonts she raised her hands in the are!!!!  I sure do love the south!! :)  We are all so proud of Lisa Collier for following the example of her Savior down into the waters of baptism.  Best last Saturday ever!!  

Thank goodness for trials: A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking just how awesome life was!!!  Everything was just going so well!!!  We had like no trials at all, and everything was just peachy!  Well you know those magic words.  It was like BAM BAM BAM BAM!  All these trials starting happening.  It was so funny.  And then a couple of nights ago as I was on my knees praying it just hit me soo hard!!!  I was like Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me these trials.  I realized that I have relied more on my Savior in the past couple of weeks than I had in a while.  Heavenly Father promises us trials.  They make us humble ourselves, rely on Him more, grow so much, and allow Him to mold us into who we need to become.  I am so grateful for trials.  I really truly am.  I am who I am today and I have the relationship that i have with my Savior today because of the trials he has given me.  Also I realized last night that my knees have black bruise on them.  haha it's from praying so much haha cuz we have concrete floors in our bedroom!!  haha that is just the coolest!!  

It is quite strange that I am going to be leaving in just 3 day.  
I'going to miss it alot.  It is truly a bitter sweet for me. I'm leaving people that I love so much to go and be with the people I love so much.  Not to sound cliche, but this was the fastest 18 months of my life!  I'm not sure what to think sometimes, but you know what, im excited for my next mission when my Georgia Atlanta mission ends.  The beauty of the Gospel is that everything around us, including ourselves is constantly changing.  We get put in different calling, different trials come to us, but we grow and learn from all of these opportunities.  Being a missionary has been and still is THE BEST CALLING EVER!!!!!!!!!!  I will still be a missionary when i get home, just in a different way.  I will be a member missionary.  I will have a new calling, and i WILL fulfill and magnify that calling to the best of my abilities.  That is what i have learned on my mission, that is what i have to take back with me.  I am forever changed because of this calling, because of this opportunity and privilege, because of this Gospel.  My mission was by no means a sacrifice, but a privilege, an honor to serve along side the Lord in this part of His vineyard.  I will continue to be strong and serve my Lord and Savior throughout my life.  There aint no goin back, I'm going forward.  When 
November 24, 2016 comes, i will leave Georgia with a smile on my face knowing that I have done my very best here, I will walk down those escalators and embrace my family whom I love so dearly and have come to love and appreciate so much over these past 18 months, my tag will move to my heart, and I will be ready and willing to submit to what ever the Lord has in store for me in my next phase of life.  How blessed I am.  

Well y'all this is truly weird.  My last email.  We have a great last few days planned!!!!  We's gonna be busy!!!!!  Wednesday we go to transfer meeting early in Peach Tree City, then we go to the temple with President and Sister Foote us departing missionaries, then have dinner and a testimony meeting, and sleep at the Mission Home.  Then fly out Thursday.  I have my carry on packed with lots of things to pass out to people on the plane and airport during my 4 hour layover in Salt Lake haha.  I want you all to know How much I love my mission.  Elder Holland once said "the mission field is the MTC for the rest of your life."  I have learned, I have grown, I have changed, I have become here on my Georgia Atlanta Mission.  If there are just four things I want y'all to know it is that I love my mission, I love my family, I love my Savior, and I love this Gospel, so there ain't no goin back, we're going forward with the Lord y'all. 
Hermana Stewart

I Love Georgia!!!!!!​

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