Monday, October 24, 2016

"'Believe in the Light"

Hi Y'all,
First off all, my apologies for the most uncreative beginning to my emails.  There is only so many ways you say say hello!!  Life is oh soo good!!!  I had a wonderful birthday and week this week!!  

Here are some fun highlights from this week:

Zone Training: We had zone training on Tuesday down in Powder Springs, GA.  That was super great!!  I always feel so spiritually pumped after those things!  We learned a lot of cool finding Technics and how to get more referrals!!!

My Birthday: Lots of the members wanted to celebrate my birthday with me, so I was blessed with lots of cakes and happy birthday songs!!  Our investigators Lisa and Steve gave me a big ol basket of goodies full of all my favorites, a few being pickles Vienna sausages and pickled corn (haven't tried those yet ha.)  It was so sweet of everyone, and I definitely felt so loved by everyone here and back home!!  Thank y'all again for all the birthday wishes! :)

Exchanges: We headed back to Dallas/ Powder Springs Area for exchanges Thursday evening til Saturday afternoon.  We had such a blast!!!!  We accidentally knocked into a less active.  We were trying a new approach, and I was like "Hi we are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We are going around sharing Bible verses today.  Is it alright if we share a Bible verse with you Sir?"  He said we could.  Then we shared our testimony of Jesus Christ, and then the other sister was like "If you knew there was another testament of Jesus Christ would you read it?"  And he was like "like the Book of Mormon."  And then we were like "YES!"  Then he said, "yeah ive actually read the whole Book of Mormon."  I was thinking in my head "golden!!"  Then the other sister was like "oh how did you come to know about the Book of Mormon Sir?"  Then he said "well ya know i grew up in the church, went to seminary and all that."  hahaha oh my goodness it was kind of embarrassing but mostly soo funny!!  
Then we were driving to Walmart, and the other sister was driving and we hit a HUGE pot hole.  Georgia is famous for its pot holes.  We didn't think anything of it, just screamed and kept going.  It was about 8 at night and it was too late to knock so we were just going to go store contacting.  We came out of the store and the other sister was like "oh my gosh we have a flat tire."  And y'all know me, I was like "oh my goodness this is soo exciting!!!!"  We went to the trunk and working on getting the jack out.  That thing would not budge!!  After about 5 minutes of tugging and pulling, we broke out the user manual.  Yes there is a section on how to remove the jack.  Finally I got it out!  Then I worked on step two of "how to change a tire" in the manual, and that was to remove the hub cap.  Woo that was trip.  I pried at pulled that thing, but could not get it to come off.  Mind you I was doing all this while in a skirt :).  We told ourselves we weren't going to ask for any help, but if someone happens to ask us for help we weren't going to deny them of the blessings of serving.  Then two strong brethren come over.  One of them just grabs the hub cap and rips it off.  I swear I loosened it for him.  They had that tire changed faster than we took to get the jack out!  I promise you we definitely could have done it ourselves, but thank goodness for people being nice, and helping us!

​Red Cross Service Project:  We did a red cross service project and installed smoke detectors for people.  That was a hoot!  I was the installer.  I installed 5!  I am getting so pro at that!  Here is a picture of a funny sign we saw. 

Church: We had an awesome lesson in the Singleton's home with Lisa and Steve!!  Steve is really starting to progress which is awesome because now they have each other!!!  They both came to church and stayed the whole 3 hours and loved it!!!  It was a miracle!  Lisa was soo happy to see her husband partaking of the gospel with her :)

Last night after I got done praying I saw the phone light up for a second, and that meant that we got a text message.  I contemplated for a second whether or not I had the energy to walk over and check it.  Then the the light went off, and the room was pitch black.  I crawled over on my hands and knees (obviously I was too lazy to stand up.)  I thought I was headed the right direction.  I was waving my hands out in front of me to try and feel for the little table where our phone sits on.  I couldn't feel anything.  Pretty soon I hit the door, and my companion and I were just laughing because she was trying to figure out what i was doing and I had realized where I was.  I was clear across the room by the door no where near where I wanted to end up by the phone.  I flipped the light switch on, and with little trouble, now with the light on, I went over to the phone to check the message.  My companion went to the bathroom after that and came back and shut the door and headed to her bed.  She layed down and bonked her head really hard on the wall.  We both just laughed realizing we don't do so good in the dark.  As I thought about this little silly experience this morning in my personal study I was studying about how Christ is the light in our life.  If we don't have Christ in our life, just like last night we might not end up where we want to go and may even hurt ourselves physically or spiritually along the way.  I was studying in John and a few scriptures really stood out to me.  "then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you.  Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth." john 12:35  Last night I spent too much time contemplating on whether or not I was going to check the message.  If I would have just immediately went over I still would have had that light still on and had no problem getting over there.  In life we can't wait or procrastinate because that is the time when darkness with creep in.  "While ye have the light, believe in the light, that ye may be children of light." john 12:36 Believe in the Lord.  Let Him be your light.  Let Him guide you day by day through this world of temptation that could easily take us off course and harm us.  "I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on my should not abide in darkness" john 12:46 

I love y'all soo much!!  The church is true, and we are blessed.  Believe in the light, and we will all become children of Christ!  Keep smiling and shining!

Hermana Stewart :)

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