Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Go, Do, Say, and Become

Dear Y'all,
Well we had a most fantastic week here in Cedartown.
Transfer news: Haha there is none.  I am staying her in Cedartown my last transfer to finish training my awesome companion.  Looks like I will have only served in 2 areas my whole mission.  That was definitely not expected for me, but I am soo grateful for my 2nd and 3rd homes away from home! :)  This will be my last 6 weeks, and Im not even sure what to say about that.  Crazy sauce.

Flower Miracle: Lately one of my most earnest desires has been to recognize and follow the promptings of the spirit.  The other day we got done visiting one of the lil old ladies, and I was driving and I saw this lady working in her flower bed.  A feeling came over me so strongly and told me that I needed to go back and help this lady.  Being the natural man I wasn't sure if it was my thoughts or the spirit 100%.  I kept driving for a lil minute thinking about it.  Then once again even more stronger than the first time that I needed to turn around right then and go back.  I made a quick U-turn, and my companion asked what in the world i was doing.  I said "i dont know, you'll see."  We park the car and walk up to her.  I said "hi mam, can we help you with that?"  She threw her hands in the hair and said "halaluja, thank you Jesus for sending me two angels!"  Instantly I knew we were there for a reason.  She stood up and nearly fainted. We grabbed her just in time and walked her over to sit down.  She told us she had heart failure.  We talked with her as we helped her finish cleaning and clipping her tulips for the winter.  She said her 10 year old granddaughter lives with her and is really struggling in math and they cant find anyone to help her.  I kind of chucked because I realized a second reason why we needed to turn back.  I told her "well i could maybe help her, i mean, i am majoring in mathematics education."  She threw her hands in the air again and said "thank you Jesus for sending me two angels."  I am so glad we turned back.  That lady really needed us in that moment, and my testimony was strengthened of following the promptings of the spirit.  

Service and Dog Poop: We had a fun time doing some service for one of the Elder's recent converts this week.  We raked up a whole yard of dog poop, and cleaned out the dog pen.  Pretty fun! :)

Bomski: Y'all know the word bomski right?  The first couple of days I was with my companion, I taught her what it means cus she didn't know.  I told her i usually say it when something is really awesome or good or when something really really cool happens.  Well I guess I must use it alot....because we were eating dinner in the Senior Missionarie's home the other day and she said "this food is bomski!"  I about fell over  laughing it was so funny.  

Sunday Miracles: This past sunday my companion and I fasted for this less active couple to come to church (we have been working with them the whole time I've been here and havent seen much progress until this past couple weeks.  They havnt been to church in 6 years) and we fasted to find new investigators.  So we were just sitting in church waiting for the meeting to start and guess who walks in?!  That's right the couple!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!  First time in 6 years!!!  We were sooo happy and we know it was because of the Lord touching their hearts!  Then after chuch we went to dinner at a families house, then we went out with the elder's recent convert to teach a few lessons and do she wanted to come finding with us haha.  We taught and found 8 new investigators just on 2 streets!!!!  Every person we talked to that night there was a mom, dad and children and invited us in to their home and we taught them!!  That was a miracle!!!  That does not happen without the Lord.  We met with 4 of the families yesterday, and all 4 lessons we got return appointments!  The Lord does answer prayers and does preform miracles!
The Pamphlet: Yesterday we were walking to one of our appointments.  We got to the door and after knocking I realized I didnt have a Restoration Pamphlet.  We are trained to teach with the pamphlets using the pictures, and it helps alot with my companion learning english for us to keep it simple.  I looked through my books and I didnt have one.  I asked my companion and she didnt have one either.  We got into the lesson, and while my companion was saying the opening prayer, I just said a quick prayer in my heart "Heavenly Father, I know you can do anything.  It would be really cool if you just put a pamphlet in my Book of Mormon for us to teach this lesson, in the name of Jesus Christ amen."  As soon as my companion said amen, i looked in my Book of Mormon, and I kid you not there was a pamphlet.  I looked at my companion and just smiled.  "ask and ye shall receive." The church is true.

Sunday was such a good day.  I loved fast and testimony meeting.  The members bore their testimonies on missionary work, and I just couldnt help but feel the spirit.  A lot of things really hit home for me, but one of those was when we sang the closing song "i'll go where you want me to go."  If I were to give anyone advise or things that I have really truly learned on my mission it would be to Go, Do, and Say.  Go where the Lord wants you to go.  Do what the Lord wants you to do.  Say what the Lord wants you to say.  If we do these things, we will be alright, and more importantly we will BECOME what the Lord would have us be.  

I know this church is true.  Every day I am more and more grateful for this gospel I have in my life, and what it truly helps us become.  I can't believe how fast time is going.  I told y'all you needed to stop praying for it to go fast haha!  Everyday I love it here, and I experience joy.  I hope y'all have a great week okay!  I love you soo much!!  Go, Do, Say and Become! :)
Hermana Stewart

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