Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Adventures, New Challenges :)

Hello Every One!!

We had a fantastic week!!  It is always hard to say goodbye to companions, but new adventures and challenges lie ahead! :)  My new companion is from Dominican Republic!  Wahoo!!  Her name is Hermana De La Rosa Frias.  She is super sweet!  She went to the MTC for 9 weeks to learn English, and then President Foote changed her call to spanish when she got here.  We speak alot of spanish together haha so that is fun!  New cultures and new adventures!  

Temple: We just got back from going to the temple this morning.  Since P-day was switched to Tuesday, the temple was open, and we got permission to go there!!  We went with one of our awesome members and the other hermanas in our zone Hermana Sundwall and Hermana Gallardo (my trainer and other companion).  Oh it was super fantastic to see them again!  Once a companion, always a friend.  We took a "3 generation picture" (Hermana De La Rosa Frias(my daughter), Hermana Sundwall (my step daughter), Me, and Hermana Gallardo (my mommy).  Haha that sounds so weird.  I don't know bout that haha.  It was so fun to be at the temple!  What a place to be :)

Miracles: Oh my goodness we had so many fantastic miracles this week!! One of which being Lisa.  Lisa we found her my first transfer when i got here in Ctown at the store.  She kind of dropped off the face of the earth there for a while, but just recently she just started progressing.  We went over yesterday to help her plant some flowers and then read from the Book of Mormon.  We had a great lesson, and afterwards we invited her to pray about what we read and to know if the Book of Mormon is true like we always do.  This time she said "well i already know it be true! " Ah it was so exciting!  I have such a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the power of bringing true and lasting conversion into these peoples lives.  We want to baptize converts, not less actives and the Book of Mormon will bring true conversion.  

Knocking: We got to do quite a bit of knocking this week which is always fun don't you know! :)  We met this epic family!  Mom, dad, two kids.  The mom is a teacher!  They were so receptive, and they are so prepared!!  It is the best after a long day of knocking door after door when people aren't interested, but you don't give up.  And then you knock that one door, and BAM family and their interested and invite you back!! :) I love missionary work! :)

Church: Church was absolutely fantastic on Sunday!  I love Fast and Testimony meeting!  Brother O'dell passed the sacrament.  He was dancing he was so happy!  Then he bore his testimony and he sang his song he made up "you betta be ready, Jesus comin back. you betta be ready Jesus comin back.  you betta be ready, Jesus comin back. yeah he comin back one day.  Ai'nt nobody know the hour.  Ain't nobody know the day.  Jesus said he comin back, yeah he comin back one day.  He said O'Dell be ready, Jesus comin back, yeah he comin back one day."  Oh my goodness, you gotta love church in the South.  Then he bore his testimony on how we all need to be prepared for when Jesus comes again.  It made me cry and so happy.  Moments like those make me soo grateful I came on a mission.  

Funny: So I forgot to tell my new companion that I like to get up a little earlier than 6:30 so we can have full 30 minutes for exercise.  It is just normal to me, and it didn't cross my mind to tell her.  We were sitting at the table and talking and I mentioned something about how we get up before 6:30 before we even half to.  Then she just gives me this look and says to me in spanish "entonces me esta diciendo que nos leventamos temprano que 6:30.?" in English "so you are telling me we wake up before 6:30?" haha and i was like "jaja oh si me olvide a decirla." in English "oh yes, i forgot to tell you."  Then in her cute accent she said in English "i going to kill you!" hahahah oh it was too funny!  We both just laughed!!  

Life is good my dearest family!  I hope that you all have a most fantastic week this week!  I read this scripture yesterday and it was an answer to my prayers.  I hope it can find you smiling a little brighter today.  "nevertheless, they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility, and firmer and firmer in their faith of Christ, unto the filling their hearts with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts unto God." Helaman 3:35  I know that the message I share each and everyday is True.  I love the Gospel.  May we all continue to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and follow our Savior's teachings, rely on Him in every moment, strive to be like Him, open our hearts and love those around us.  We are blessed.  Talk to you soon!  I love you all so very much!!
Hermana Stewart :) xoxo

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