Monday, September 26, 2016

Trusting In The Lord (09/19/2016)

Hey Y'all!!  

This week was fantastic!!!!  Life here is wonderful!  I love Cedartown.  I love my companion.  I love being a missionary!!  

Zone Conference: We had zone conference this week and that was super great!  I love love being with my other fellow missionaries and hearing their testimonies and comments.  I always leave those meetings uplifted and strengthened.  My most favorite moment was when we all sang as missionaries "im trying to be like Jesus." and "when i am baptized."  I sure have turned into a cry baby on my mission.  Such great power in singing those songs and leaning together how we can be better.  I am soo blessed to be in the Georgia Atlanta Mission.  This is truly where I need to be :)

Lost Dog: We were helping a member try and find their lost dog, and I started going door to door knocking on the doors. My companion just looked at me like I was crazy.  All my companions know I wouldn't pass up a finding opportunity!  We asked if they had seen a dog.  Then they would say no, and then we would say "We are missionaries......"  haha we found two families from that!!!!  We are currently teaching them right now and one of them came to church on sunday!!  So cool!  Best door approach ever!!  "hey have you seen a lost dog?...."  

Headquarter Referrals:  We have received 9 head quarter referrals in the past week!!!  I repeat 9 head quarter referrals!!!  One head quarter referral is a miracle in itself!!  One of these referrals is our miracle lady!!  We met her on Wednesday.  She requested a Book of Mormon and Bible.  She didn't know anything about the Book of Mormon.  We have been back 3 times now.  The last visit was one of the best Restoration Lessons Ive ever had.  I learned, my companion learned, the member that was with us learned, and Miss Sharon learned from the spirit that day.  Something incredible touched each of our hearts.  She kept repeating over and over again that ever since we first stepped into her house she feels something so good.  That would be the spirit my friends.  How blessed we are as members to be giving the gift of the spirit.  

The Sticks: One of the head quarter referrals we received was in Alabama back in the back woods, out in the sticks!  There was no reception for miles until we finally arrived at her house.  We found a gem!!!  A whole hillbilly community!!!  Oh my goodness they are the nicest people I have seriously ever met in my entire life!!!  They are all so interested!!  It is like 10 families! It was such a cool miracle!!!!!!!!!!  

Fried pickles: Y'all know my deep love for pickles.  Well this week I had fried pickles!!!  I have never heard of fried pickles!!!!!  mmm they were soo good!

Fun Picture: Here is a fun picture for y'all.  A member took us out to eat at a Mexican restaurant this week.  We have such great members!  Oh it was sooo good.  I miss Hispanic food so much, but southern food is definitely growing on me!

Church yesterday was fantastic.  The speakers and the songs were exactly what I needed to hear.  One of the talks that really stood out to me was Trusting in the Lord.  The spirit was so powerful during that talk knowing that no matter what if we just trust in the Lord, everything is all going to work out.  We all face trials and headships in our lives, daily I might add.  But we have the promise of one day resting from all these things if we but endure to the end. "but that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions." Alma 34:41

Life is good when we make it good.  We are happy when we choose to be happy.  We are blessed when we desire to and do what is right.  Have a great week, be happy and do what is right trusting always in the Lord.  I love y'all.
Hermana Stewart

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