Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Exciting it is!

Hello Family!

Happy 4th of July to yall!  And Happy Birthday America!  This week was super hot and super great!  I love being a missionary!
Okay here are some pretty cool happening from this week.

Less Active Miracle:
We have been working with this less active family for a while now, and they always say they are going to make it to church or try to come.  The missionary definition of try: they want to but they probably are not going to.  We had a super spiritual lesson with them this week talking about preparing to go to the temple and keeping the commandments.  We invited them to church and they said they would try.  We said to them, how about you commit and then watch the Lord provide the way.  They committed.  Sunday came along, and we get a call from this lovely sister.  "im hobbling along getting dressed.  I will see you in a few minutes."  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  We were just jumping for joy!  They came and loved it!!  They said to us, "we'll see you next week cus we made a promise and a commitment!"  This was one of the coolest miracles ever!  The Lord will bless them.  

Motorcycle Guy:
Yesterday we went store contacting.  We were walking in the store and we both saw this big scary motorcycle guy putting his groceries on his bike.  I felt like we needed to talk to him, but oo he was scary.  Then luckily Sister Sundwall started talking to him and i joined in.  We invited him to hear the 5 missionary lessons and he accepted!  Then i shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon, and he said "ive read the whole entire Book of Mormon."  Then Sister Sundwall said "and did you pray to God to know if it was true?"  and he said "yes i did."  and then she said "well what did he tell you?"  and he said "what do you think he told me?"  Then i said "he told you it was true huh!"  and he nodded his head and said yes.  WOW!  God knows who and who isn't ready to hear this gospel.  What are the odds that we would talk to someone who has read the whole Book of Mormon?  Trust in the spirit to be guided to the right place at the right time to the right person.

Branch BBQ:
We had a branch bbq at the Branch President's house!  Wow it was a great turn out with all the branch.  We went there early to help get everything all set up, and boy was we drenched in sweat haha.  It was just a hoot.  We had two investigators show up!  We played a nice round of corn hole and ultimate frisbee.  We didnt get to see the fireworks because we had to be home, but we could sure hear them all night the past few night haha!

The other day we were driving, and we were stopped at a red light.  I look out of the window and there's a $20 bill just chilling in the gutter.  That was kind of cool.  So money may not grow on trees but it must grow in the streets of Cedartown.

Celestial Kingdom:
We ate with the elders recent convert this week, and let me tell you there is alot to learn from this wise sister.   We were talking about tornadoes and she said (in a southern accent) "oh i don't want to die in a tornado, but if i get caught in one, let it just swirl me right up to the celestial kingdom."  oh it was just too funny!  She is all about the celestial kingdom!  She prayed in sacrament meeting this sunday and said "bless all those that couldnt make it to church that they can know that if they dont come they can NOT make it to the celestial kingdom."  then in Relief society she bore her testimony and said "i know that if keep them commandments and read my Book of Mormon ever day, i WILL make it to the celestial kingdom, and thats all i want to say."   How awesome is that.  I too know that if we do the things we are suposed to do, we will all make it to the Celestial Kingdom.  There was a quote i once read "as someone once noted, there is within each of us a giant struggling with celestial homesickness..."
What a great week.  Oh what do you know, its raining outside!!  Yay for rain!  It keeps things cooled down out here!  

A wise lesson learned this week from a 5 year old:
At church Sunday one of the bretheren gave the opening prayer.  They had their 5 year old grandboy with them, and during the prayer he said, quite loudly i might add "this is soo exciting!"  and kept saying "good job papa!"  Wow as i sat through the prayer i thought, "yes this is exciting!  We are literally speaking to Heavenly Father.  How cool is that!"  I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  He loves us.  How exciting it is that we get to pray to Heavenly Father in any moment.  How exciting is it that we are part of His Gospel.  How exciting is it that we have a Savior who loves us and died for us.  How exciting is it that we have the Celestial Kingdom to look forward, and how exciting is it that we get to be together forever as families!  How exciting it is my wonderful family!  

I love you all so very much!  So glad to hear that yall had good 4th of Julys!  I hope you all have a most fantastic week!!  May we always remember how exciting it is to be children of God, be able to communicate to our Heavenly Father through sincer prayer, and be a part of this incredible Gospel!
Hermana Stewart

Branch BBQ

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