Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Pictures!


and after caroling. A little wet but so happy :)

Christmas Morning

and my stocking stuff!!  thanks parentals!

Christmas Crack thanks steph!!

​awesome knitted socks! thanks parentals and lady from the ward

grey sweater wahoo!  thanks mommy and daddy

awesome sign from TY TY!  i love it!

​another sweater!  thanks parents!

apron and potato masher from Bringhurst family

thanks Peterson's for the cute shirt, pics, candy, fudge, mug and aweome drawings!! 

​really cute sweater from Liddiard's!!  thanks!! :)

and cute new outfit from the parentals! :)

and letters from the fam!!!!  what a cool gift!! :) i cant wait to open them!

homemade necklace from Momma!  thanks!!!

skpe selfie with the fam!!!! :)

Happy P-Day!

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