Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mommy's Day!

Hello everyone!!!  Happy Mother's Day again to my wonderful mama, Melissa, Stephanie, Mitzi, Grandmas, and all the other amazing women in my life!  You are all amazing, and i look up to you and your Christ like examples of love.  I am so very thankful to my mama for loving us kids and raising us up in this Gospel.  How blessed am I!

This week was a super great week!

Monday: We just had Pday and chilled in the house!  Super great!  Then we went and taught one of our investigators!  She is on date for May 21, and boy is she incredible.  She is a lady of great faith, and I know how proud her Heavenly Father is of her for her decision to be baptized!  We tried visiting some less actives and we got soaked in the rain!  I have sure come to love rain because there is just so much of it here!

Tuesday: We had district meeting.  We got trained on finding in creative ways, and our mission President extended an invitation to contact 15 new people each day and boldly tell them who we are.  We have already seen many miracles come from that this past week.  Then a member took us to lunch at Waffle House, and then she accompanied us to a few teaching appointments.  One of them being Autumn and that was great!!  Then we visited a less active Hispanic family, and the lil 8 year old girl just came running up to me and hugged me and wouldn't let go. It was the sweetest thing ever, she hardly even knew me, but she demonstrated great Christ like love.  I love the little children!  Then we did some tracking the rest of the day, and for the first time i had a legit door slammed on my face!!  Haha i just love being a missionary!

Wednesday: We woke up and headed to Peach Tree City (2 and half hour drive) to have a training with all the sisters in the mission!  It was wonderful!!  There was such a sweet spirit there as we joined as sisters in the mission.  It was so good to see Sister Bringhurst and other past companions!  It is true what they say that companions make for life long friends and have a huge impact on the rest of your life.  I am thankful to each of my wonderful missionary companions!  We had a few little classes, one of them was self defense.  That was a hoot!  My favorite part was when we sang I am a Child of God.  The spirit was so strong, and i couldn't help but feel our Heavenly Father's love he has for each of his children and that we truly are sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.  

Thursday: It is sure a whole lot different teaching southern baptists here, but it is a new challenge and definitely keeps things interesting!!!  We had a really cool miracle today though!  So it was 8 p.m. and we had only contacted 6 people fore the day, but we were so determined to get to 15 like our mission president asked!!  We talked to ask many people as we could before 9, but then it was about time to go home, but we still needed 3 more!!  That day we read a scripture in Alma 26:27 with a member "now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold the Lord comforted us, and said: go amongst thy bretheren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and i will give unto you success."  We pulled into the house about 9:50 something, and we were bummed we didn't make it to 15.  We were praying so hard that last hour to find those last people.  We got out of the car and with arm fulls of books and things walking into the house 2 ladies walked out by our apartment.  Sister Sundwall and i looked at each other, set the stuff down and ran up to them to talk to them!!  It was great!  They were so friendly.  So we made it to 14, and we went into the house.  We had to "take out the trash" before 9 but we just knew the Lord would provide a way for us to accomplish what he needed and asked of us.  We walked out to the garbage can, and their wasn't a soul in sight haha.  Then when we were walking back, all at the same time about 5 people came out of their house.  We went and talked to this sweet lady, and then headed inside for the night.  It was such a testimony builder to me that the Lord will put people in our path, and he will always provide away for us to do what he asks us like contacting 15 new people a day! :) it was great!

Friday: We had lots of great appointments today with less actives.  They are just a hoot hear and i love being able to hear the different stories of people, backgrounds they came from and how they came to find the gospel.  It just strengthens my testimony each time.  We had an amazing lesson with Autumn again.  She said that she read the Book of Mormon into and testimonies, and she loved it!!  She told us that when she reads it and when we come over something is filling this emptiness inside of her and she doesn't feel sad and angry anymore.  I could see the change happening in her when i saw her this day.  It was like night and day from the first time we met her!  The Gospel is true!  It really is and i know it is because i can tell just how much it changes peoples lives.  It just has to be true!!!  Then we had dinner at the Gine's house.  They are a senior missionary couple in the mission.  It is soo wonderful serving with a senior missionary couple in your district and Branch!  They are great examples to us, and i just look up to them so much!

Saturday: We had some great lessons with some former investigators that are Hispanic.  It felt so good to be back teaching in Spanish!!  We did lots of tracking and met some really cool people.  Then we brought some church clothes over to Autumn's house and we got to meet her older son.  He was really sweet.  

Sunday: Church was wonderful!  We had two awesome investigators at church, and it was just so great to be a church and take the sacrament.  Translating was pretty interesting this time.  There was a few poems and stories that the speakers read that had some pretty interesting words that i had no clue how to translate and they were speaking so fast and in thick accents.  During one of the talks when she read the poem, i just sat there and was at a loss haha.  i know that i did the best i could, and that is all i can do! :) It is definitely helping me alot with the language that is for sure!  Then we went to eat lunch at a members!  mmm i sure am loving southern food.  We had porch chops, mashed tatrs, corn on the cob, green bean, and corn bread!!  Then we taught our investigator that was on date the rest of the commandments!  She is amazing!!  She is married to a member, and he is a great example!  Then skype!!!!!  Wow it was so great to skype and see you all!!!!!!!  It really did feel like nothing has changed.  We are still the same tight, silly, happy family!!  You are all amazing examples to me and i look up to you.  It made me so very happy! :)  you all look so great!! :) I cant believe how grown up the kiddoes are!  My heart just melted hearing them talk and sing and stare at the screen haha!  Oh i sure love you all so much!!  

I want you all to know that i have a testimony of this gospel.  I know it is true and that it brings us the most happiness ever!  I have never been so happy in my life when im living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that we have a living prophet called of God on this earth today, Thomas S. Monson.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  We can find peace by opening and reading its pages.  I have felt that in my mission time and time again, where I'm sad or discouraged, but then i open up the Book of Mormon and read from it, and EVERYTIME i feel my Saviors love for me, i feel peace in my life, i find answers to my questions, i finds ways of how i can improve, i find joy.  I know God loves us, and that we are children of our Heavenly Father.  How beautiful of a  realization it is to know that.  I know that now, and it is simply incredible.  I would hope that w don't ever forget that we are children of God.  In times of discouragement or heartache, sadness or even exhaustion, confusion or helplessness, turn to your Savior Jesus Christ, open the Scriptures, get down on your knees, and i promise you you will find peace, comfort, joy, and you will feel the love our your Heavenly Father.  

"i am a child of God, and he has sent me here.  has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear.  lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way. teach me all that i must do to live with him someday."  I love you all.  Have a most beautiful week!
All my prayers and love,
Hermana Stewart

Building a garden in Alabama

Me and my Book of Mormon in Georgia and Alabama

Our Apartment

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