Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

Hello!!!  Wow what a wonderful week we had here in good ol Cedertown!!  I think I have officially reached a whole new level of being tired this week because ahhh we are on bikes!!!!  We still have cars, but we are testing out sisters on bikes in Cedertown for right now!!  Let me tell you, bikes is the greatest!! We have found, contacted, talked with, and taught more people on our bikes than ever in our good ol car.  Wow it is just amazing!!  We love it!!  Okay here is a picture of our first day on bikes a before and after picture haha!

Haha its pretty humid here in Georgia and very hot, but we are just having so much fun!!  Ok so a couple of cool miracles from this week!
1: The miracle of Bikes: In preach my gospel it says "just as important as teaching by the spirit is finding by the spirit." or something along those lines!  Last week while we were weekly planning trying to think of ways we could talk to more people because so many people are just out and about here in Cedertown, and we proposed the ideas of bikes.  We are crazy right?!  Well we ended up getting the okay go with bikes and we have seen soo many miracles.  Riding up and down the streets of Cedertown and striving to be guided and directed by the spirit, we have had the opportunity to find and teach those we would have never found other wise.  I know that God is preparing the hearts of the people here in Cedertown.  It is so wonderful being able to see the Lord prepare and the spirit touch the hearts of those we teach and testify about the Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This week we will be returning to many of the people we found on bikes and I know some of those people we met are ready to hear and accept this gospel.  One of the many miracle people we found was a young women and young man probably both in their young 20s outside of a laundry mat.  We saw her and we rode right past her.  The spirit told both of us to turn right around and go talk to them.  Right there we opened our mouths and spoke boldly and with love about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and that they will have the desire to change and become better as the spirit testified of what we were saying.  It was incredible, and we are going back to visit them in their home on Wednesday.  

2. Service.  Something we saw this week was the miracles and blessings that come with little acts of service.  This week we strived really hard to look for opportunities to offer our service, after all we are "called to serve".  Offering a helping hand is sometimes just the key to gaining the trust of someone that would have other wise rejected us.  We have see that little acts of service, even just a friendly smile and hello goes a long way!  I just testify that service is what truly brings us joy, not only us giving the service but the ones that are receiving the service. Yesterday we went to the nursing home and painted a lady's nails and sang hymns!  That was pure joy for me.  Even helping a little turtle get back home brought a big smile to my face and hopefully to the turtles face!

Shirley is all set to be baptized on Saturday!  Wahoo we are so excited!!  She is so incredible.  The gospel is just amazing, and i love love love seeing the change it brings to peoples lives.  
Something i have truly come to realize is that life is hard, trials will come, hardships will happen, people will reject us, things won't always happen the way we want them to, but when we turn to and embrace The Gospel of Jesus Chirst, it will bring us comfort, give us hope, increase our faith, open our eyes, ears and hearts to truly feel the Love of  our Savior.  "[we] can do ALL things through Chirst which strengtheneth us." philipians 4:13.  The ONLY way is The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If only we all realized that we can get through life, our trials and hardships, if we turn to our Savior and be truly converted to and live the Gospel of Jesus Chirst, and "and but that ye shall have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions." alma 34:41  I know that when we turn the our Savior and embrace the gospel, we will find peace and the Lord will comfort us.  I know this to be true because time and time again when life just gets so hard, i have went to my Savior and to the scriptures and through him i find hope and he helps me bear with patience mine afflictions.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  I love my Savior!  I love being a missionary!  And i love you my wonderful family!

I hope yall have a wonderful week!!  Embrace and live the Gospel!!  Smile!  Serve one another!  Love one another!  And i promise you, you will change.  You will be happy.  You will have joy.  That is my hope and my prayer always, in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love always,
Hermana Stewart

p.s. Happy 1 Year

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