Monday, February 22, 2016

WOOOAHH I'm Halfway there, WOOOAHH, Livin on a prayer!

Hahaha i cant even stop laughing right now!  I have seriously waited so anxiously and excitely to have this be my title when i reached half way there, and now that im actually here it sounds so dumb hahaha!  Oh well, Bon Jovi said it best, i have finally hit 9 months and boy does it feel weird.  I think y'all should stop praying for the time to go by fast, because i LOVE it here!!!  This has been by far the BEST 9 months of my life and the
se next 9 months are going to be even better!!!  Ok enough about that.
Helloooooo from Chamblee Georgia!!!  This week has been super fantastic!!!!
Highlights of the week:

1.On Tuesday evening i was still with the Sandy Springs sisters and we went out on splits with Sister Foote our mission President's wife because their meeting canceled and it was in Sandy Springs so President Foote went out with the Elders and Sister Foote came with us.  So Sister Foote and I were together the whole night and Sandy Springs sisters were together.   Sister Foote and I went to visit one of our refferal investigators named Maria and it wassuch a hoot!!  This whole being without a companion that doesnt speak spanish for a week has definitely been a learning experience for me, and it has showed me time and time again that it is never us teaching, but it is the spirit.  the spirit helped me soo much to be able to just trust and open my ears and my mouth and understand the needs of the investigators and then speak the words Heavenly Father would have me say to best help them.  The spirit is pretty amazing i can testify of that.  
2.  We went to the temple on Wednesday and I got my companion back yay!!!!!!!  I missed her so much!  She is the BEST companion ever.  The temple was so wonderful.  I love being able to reflect and think about life and thinking alot about the wonderful Plan of Salvation and that we are sealed as a family for eternity and thinking about how blessed i am and how much my desire is to share that with others.  I have been thinking alot lately on what our potential really is, what we really can become when we give ourselves to the Lord.
3. Hector and Zoraida got married wahoo!!!!!!!  It was super great!  Hector is progressing so well and we are meeting with him today and we are probably moving his date up because he is so excited and so ready to be baptized and so excited to be sealed to his wife!  

4. so yesterday we texted one of the less actives because she is getting ready to move and we wanted to see if we could come help her pack things up.  We went over and were helping her and one of her freinds came over and she has two girls that are 11 and 10.  They are the cutest thing ever.  They were helping us pack her up and telling us all about cup cake wars haha it was just such a ball!  So while the girls and i were packing up the living room the member lady and her friend called sister bringhurst over and Gio the member lady said "buenas noticias! (good news)...and then the mom said "i want you to come and teach my girls about the gospel." ahh we were so excited and Gio was like "well go get your planner sister!" and sister Bringhurst like come running toward me and both of us just had the biggest grins and i chucked her my planner and totally hit the wall and missed.  We were just so excited that they actaully wanted us to come!!  ahh that does not happen!!  I just want to give all the credit here to the spirit and the Lord because if it werent for the spirit our mission president never would have been inspired to invite us to teach all 5 lessons to the members.  And it was because of that we started teaching Gio the lessons and because she felt the spirit during those lessons she is coming back to church now and she is trusting us with her friends to teach them!!!!  The spirit and The Lord are wonderful!  What a wonderful miracle we had yesteray and we are excited to teach them next Tuesday!!  

Valentines day cookies thanks momoma!

The Wedding Hector and Zoraida! 

cow stomache...yuck would not reccomend ha!

Life is so great my wonderful family!  I cant even express to you the happiness i feel on a daily bases of being here on a mission.  I have now realized to appreciate opposition.  I am thankful for every moment i am having here on my mission.  I am thankful for the attitude change i am having since being on a mission.  I am thankful the testimony i am gaining since being on a mission.  I am thankful for the change i am seeing in myself since being on a mission.  I am thankful for the light seeing that is of the Lord that shines on each of us showing us the way since being on a mission.  I am thankful that i am discovering my divine potential since being on a mission.  In these past 9 months I have learned that we are constantly changing whether it be for the good or the bad.  Everyday we face trials, hardships, heartaches, but it is based on how we respond to these trials, hardships, and heartaches and how we can use The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the teaching that we know, the Infinite Atonement that we can not only grow from these trials but excel into our potential, our divine nature.  Attitude really is everything.  It does us no good to whimper and be in a bad mood about all that goes wrong in life, because that just puts us moving backward.  I am not perfect, and i have definitely fallen victim of this treacherous trap of Satin.  My most favorite quote in preach my gospel is this "everything that is unfair in life can be made right with the Atonement of Jesus Christ."  I love my Savior.  I love the Atonement.  I love the Plan of Salvation.  I love that each one of us has a purpose here in life.  God has a plan for each of us, and it is up to us to discover this plan and to discover what we can become when we give ourselves to the Lord.  That is the ONLY thing we can give that isn't his.  He can make us beautiful and make us like him, but only through the Atonement can we become like him.  "..come unto the Lord, the Holy One.  Remember that his paths are righteous.  Behold, the way for man is narrow, but it lieth in a straight course before him, and the keeper of the gate is the Holy One of Israel...and whoso knocketh, to him will he open." 2 nephi 9:41-42.  I know that this gospel is true and the Jesus Christ set the way for us.  He completed that which the Father needed him to do.  He is our perfect example.  He teaches us to walk in the way of righteousness, in light.  I love being a missionary.  I am compelety serious when i say that.  I cant say it enough.  I know that Heavenly Father loves me and that he love each of you.  I am thankful for this truth that i have and know.  I love each of you so much my wonderful family!  I hope you have a most beautiful week.  Always remember how awesome you are!
With so much love i could explode,
Hermana Stewart

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