Monday, February 8, 2016

Living on Cloud Nine!

Our Zone!

Hello Everyone!
yay for emailing!  sorry its so late, but all that matters is that i am emailing now wahoo!!!  so we totally just got back from the aquarium! so much fun!!  i have been with another set of sisters that are in our district since thursday and i will be with them until wednesday!  and it has been a hoot!  we are covering three areas right now, two english wards and my Area the Chamblee Branch, so we are triple the busy and having triple the fun!!!!  I honestly can say that i have never had so much fun in my entire life than in this past week.  This has been the most happiest week of my whole entire mission.  It has been so wonderful.  I have never slept so good in my life from working so hard haha!  Sister Olsen timed me last night, it took me exactly 1 minute to fall asleep ha.  I sure do miss my sweet companion Hermana Bringhurst!!!!!   but i know that she will be back soon enough and im just so so thanksful that she is feeling so much better! :) ok so much happened this week and not enough time to write about much haha but for the most part i want yall to know that being a missionary is the best and i was able to re realize that this week as we ran around like crazy people trying to attend to all three areas!  it has been so much fun and my temporary companions sister Olsen and Sister Barrett have been amazing and i have learned so much from them!  
​my new temporary companions!!!!!!! :)
So the biggest news i have for this week is that we went to teach Hector last night and they are getting married this friday.  We taught him the gospel of jesus christ and put him on date for March 26th!!!!!!  It has been a little bit weird working the chamblee area without  a companion that speaks spanish haha, it has taught me so much and i litterally half to rely 100% on the holy ghost.  I can so testify that the gift of tongues is true and that if we rely on the Lord our mouths will be filled.  its weird because i cant just look to hermana Bringhurst to save me haha.  
ok so here is a awkward/funny story for yall, but it is written from the point of view from Sister Olsen in her group email she shared this experience..."So on Saturday we went to Hibachi Grill with one of our members and an investigator of ours named Cindy. We finally sit down to eat and Sister Barrett starts choking on some honey dew. So we run to the bathroom but she can not get it out! (Luckily she could still breathe) So we run back and forth from the table to the bathroom for like an hour trying to help her. We finally gave up and went back to the table. THEN Sister Stewart starts choking on a piece of chicken! Now both of my companions are choking and I'm super embarrassed since we have an investigator there.... We run to the bathroom AGAIN and this time our investigator follows us. Cindy tells Sister Barrett to turn around and she starts preforming the Heimlich Maneuver on her. I was dying. I could not contain myself at point because she had no idea what she was even doing. One of my companions was throwing up, the other was being squeezed to death by our investigator and I had to excuse myself from the bathroom because I was laughing so hard.  Since then, we have not stopped laughing. People probably think we're on something because we're always laughing. ALWAYS. This has seriously been the best week of my mission.."  
I would just like to echo the words again of Sister Olsen that this week has been the best week ive had on the mission!!  ahh i just never want to stop being a missionary!  there is something so special about working with all giving it your all the Lord.  He blesses us, somethings in different ways like happiness and pure joy.  It has been so wonderful.  I know that this church is true.  While in my personal study the other day i read this scripture and it just hit me so hard.  "but behold, the righteous, the saints of the holy one of israel, they who have believed in the holy one of israel, they who have endured the crosses of the world and despised the shame of it, they shall inherit the kindgdom of God, which was prepared for them from the foundation of the world, and their joy shall be full forever....yea, that happiness which is prepared for the saints." 2 nephi 9:18,43 i truly believe in this scripture.  It is so necessary for us to endure the crosses and hardships we face in life, but i know that so much happiness is awaiting us and we will have full joy in this life to come.  I have felt a piece of that joy and happiness this week and many a times on my mission, it is wonderful.  It is so so wonderful.  These experiences i am having on my mission both good and bad are what keeps me going because i want that happiness that is being prepared for the saints of the Lord forever!  I desire all to have it, and i just love my role i get to play as an instrument in the hands of the Lord here in Georgia.  ahhh so much happiness im just exploding.  I hope that you all have a wonderful week.  I love you all so much.  Endure the daily crosses you may face, because there is happiness awaiting us all.
All my love and prayers always,
Hermana Stewart

​my new temporary companions!!!!!!! :)

Our District!

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