Monday, November 2, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Hello Everyone!!  Wow what a week!  It is just raining and raining and raining like crazy here.  I am sitting here in the library and im soaking wet from just walking in.  Gotta love Georgia, your never dry! 
So transfer are on Wednesday, and we got a lovely call this morning from our Mission President.  We are headed to transfers!  Hermana Gallardo(my mom) is going with the other two spanish sisters and Me and Hermana Bringhurst(my little sis) are staying here in Chamblee, but we are getting a new sister and training.  She is a visa waiter, so who knows how long she will be here.  Ahh its kind of scary not having our trainer here!  She is kind of our crutch, so let the comfort zone leave and let the growth and learning come.  Thank goodness i have Hermana Bringhurst!  We make a great team.  It will be fun!  So glad to be staying in Chamblee, theres so much work here to do still!  But the work continues where ever the Lord needs us.  

Alright im going to see if i can make these emails a little more organized so i got this idea of how to do my emails while in the Shower.  Im telling you, revelation best comes while in the bathroom.  That probably sounds so weird, but its true.  

1. Blue House
Me and Hermana Gallardo went english speaking for exchanges this week with Sister Alofipo, and Hermana Bringhurst stayed in Chamblee with Sister Creech.  So we were out visisting some less actives in their ward and we were in this getto neighbor hood and sister Alofipo decided to go knocking.  She looks at us and tells us each to pick a house to go knock.  So i thought about it for a minute or so with a prayer in my heart, and then i looked up and all the way down this street and down this big tall hill i pointed to a blue house and was said i wanted to knock that house.  They both looked at me thinking i was crazy cus it was quite a walk and down a big hill that we knew we would have to hike back up eventually to get back to the car.  But we went anyway.  We got to the house and knocked on the door.  It was HErmana Gallardos turn to start the conversation.  A black lady answered the door and Hermana Gallardo asked if we could say a prayer with her.  She let us in her house, and we each gave her a hug.  I was the last to hug her, and by the time we each hugged her she was in tears.  We talked to her for a few minutes and she just broke down and told us everything that was happening in her life.  I really wanted to share a scripture with her but i couldnt remember where it was the one i was thinking about, as clear as day the Holy Ghost wispered into my ear "alma 34:41".  while the other sisters were talking i flip open to alma 34:41 becaise i had no idea what that one was.  I had never even shared that scripture with anyone.  it said "But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day resst from your afflictions."  in my head i thought, "afflictions, hope, patience, sure why not!"  So then i read her that scripture.  We were talking to her, and the more we talked the more i realized that we were tuly guided to knock on her door.  We said a prayer with her and she was again back with tears streaming down her face.  This lady, her name is Sister Hines she just looked at us and said "i was thinking about giving up, but then i heard a knock on my door and i opened it saw you three girls."  sister Alofipo told her how I really felt prompted to knock on this door, and that Heavenly Father knew that she needed us.  So then we made a return appointment and we left.  We were walking back up the hill talking about how cool of an experience that was.  Then Both Hermana Alofipo and Gallardo turned to me at like the exact same time and said "Hermana Stewart how did you know to share that scripture?"  I guess that they both thought of that scripture and they wanted to share it but couldnt remember where it was at.  Wow.  Can i just say that the Holy Ghost is amazing!  Without him, we couldnt do this work.  We wouldnt have known to go knock on Sister Hines door and be there when she most needed it and share the message that she most needed to hear. 

2. KFC Family
So we were eating lunch at KFC this week with my comps Hermana Gallardo and Hermana Bringhurst cus we really needed a break from tortillas and beans and rice.  So we were sitting in a booth and in front of us there was a hispanic family and then sitting behind us there was another hispanic family.  Boo yah!  we were going to pass out two pass along cards when we finished eating.  Well one of the families left really fast so we missed out on that opportunity.  Then we were talking and we started talking about something i cant remember but we ended up like getting upset at each other....three girls living with each other 24/7. haha we love each other :).  but anyway so then we stopped talking and then were going to leave cus we were done eating.  We got up to walk out the door and in my head i was thinking how awkward this was so just not going to give them the pass along card.  Nothing ever comes from pass along cards.   I was just being a downer Hermana Stewart.  So both of my companions were out the door, but the spirit was so strong and just told me like "dont you dare walk out that door Hermana Stewart without giving that pass along card to that family."  So then i grabbed one of the pass along cards from Hermana Gallardos hand and just looked at my comps "well are you coming?" and then we went up to the family.  and i kid you not all we said to them was "hi we are missionarys.  Here is card of Jesus Christ.  Have a great day."  Then we left.  Didnt think anything of it.  And then later i felt dumb that i didnt even ask them for their number or anything! Then we were back in our house later that day.  this was Halloween and we had to be in our house at 7.  So we were just making a bunch of calls inviting people to church.  I had the phone and we got a text from a number we didnt know.  It said "hi you gave me a gard in the KFC on Bufford highway.  Where is your church?"  LIKE WHAT THE HECK!!!!  Ok so that does not happen!  People do not text us haha!  We were jumping up and down and screaming and crying we were so happy and said a thankful prayer!  So it was the family from KFC and we had a whole text confersation and we invited them to church and they said they were going to try and make and then the last text was "thank you three."  Wow what a huge miracle.  And once again the credit all goes to the Holy Ghost for giving stubborn Hermana Stewart a little kick in the bum. 
Rain rain!
Funny Stories/lessons learned:
1.So on exchanges in english speaking i was driving the car and we went to go into this appartment complex but it was gated and had a swing down arm gaurd thingy.  So we were really bumbed but then i told them to trust me and i followed a car in through the gates, even though it said "no tail gating", but there was people to save and lessons to teach within those gates.  We needed to get in.  so i folled the car and we had a very very smaill window of time to make it threw.  The gates started closing when we were like half way through and the arm guard was coming down, and the car in front was driving so slow!!  Phew.  I made it but it was really close.  Like within inches from coming down on the car.  Well lesson leaerned is that i can tell you for sure that most likely i will never try doing that again!

The Things:
1. So we were talking the other day as a companionship about what things/ sayings do we contribute to one another or have picked up from one another.  Becuase you know when you live with eachother 24/7 you start becoming more like each other.  That could be good or bad haha ;) So here are our conclusions.
Hermana Gallardo: She says "freak!" all the time also she says "you get me?" all the time when she is talking so that is something that we have picked up from her because now me and Hermana Bringhurst say "freak" and "you get me?" all the time.

Hermana Bringhurst: she says "poop" and calls us "bumbsticks" all the time.  and also she says "you know what im saying?"  So that is something that me and Hermana Gallardo have picked up from her.
Hermana Stewart: so my companions say that i say "como rudo" (how rude) all the time, especially when we are knocking doors and when they slam the door on our face.  I do my little "wink click" thing all the time and they do it now too haha.  And then the last thing i have contributed is "Amen sister friend." or just "amen" in general.  I think that is a south think that i have picked up.  I say amen all the time though.  When we went english speaking this last exchange as we were praying together for the food or something i said "Amen" in the middle of the prayer under my breath. haha i dont know why but i just want to say amen all the time!
Til next week:

Well my wonderful family, i sure do love you alot!!  Being a missionary is still the best thing ever, and i am still enjoying everyminute of it.  THe Holy Ghost is so powerful and it can always lead us to where we need to go or what we need to do.  Something i have learned is to continually having a prayer in my heart always go to the Lord in any moment because i want to only be his instrument.  We need to forget about our wants and desires and not let them get in the way of the Lords will.  "counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good." alma 37:37.  When in doubt, go to the Lord.  When sad, go to the Lord.  When confused, go to the Lord.  When troubled, go to the Lord.  When thankful, go to the Lord.  When happy, go to the Lord.  Go to the Lord all of thy days.  This is my prayer and testimony always in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  Have an amazing week!  Be safe and know how much I love you all!!
All my prayers and love,
Hermana Stewart
Georgia Curls!
me with a big sword in the Garcia home

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