Monday, November 16, 2015

Make Good Things Happen

Matching Christmas PJ's!
Hello!  What a week!  Life is great, marvelous wonderful, living the dream, and happier than ever before!  Wow so many crazy things happened this week haha my companion Hermana Bringhurst in her email today titled this week as "Smoke Detectors, Mary Kay, and tablets!"  You just never know what to expect here in Georgia!  So many memories!  

​my compies love my homeade mac and cheese!

Ok anyway so things are great!  Wow 6 months down!!  It fills like about 6 seconds if you ask me.  
Miracles: Fermin.  Fermin is like a 30 ish year old guy that we have kind of met with off an on since my first transfer and not really seeing progress in him until just recently.  He has been to church the past 3 weeks in a row and he told us at church that he wanted to get baptized!  This is a miracle because its just something that i never really expected out of a guy like him.  You see this is why i love being a missionary.  i love seeing people change!!  That is my most favorite thing as missionary is seeing this gospel and the Atonement change peoples lives. When people apply this gospel and use the atonement they make good things happen.  i just love it!!  We are meeting with him this week at a members home and we are so excited!  Fill up the Font!!! ;)

​our aweomse papusa things with lunch meat and fry sauce.

The Things:
1. So me and Hermana Bringhurst were craving some papusas yesterday, but then we were also craving these venesualen tortilla thingys i don't know what they are called.  So we pulled out the masa and made papusas with yellow cheese in the middle and then on the outside (this is where the venesualin comes in) you make fry sauce and Parmesan cheese and then pieces of lunch meet.  We each made three so our plates were really full.  So we sat down and started eating them.  They were pretty good, pretty Americanized but not too bad.  We both got through one of them and at the same time we both looked at each other, pushed our plates aside and went and got a bowl of cereal haha.  So the food here is really good, but we have yet to really master the taste of cooking it ourselves.

Gotta love Coca Cola
Funny things:
1. So we were in a lesson this week at some of our investigators Abraham and Milagros and we were teaching the Plan of Salvation, and we were using little pictures that we drew per point of the lesson.  So we now have to teach like very simply in our lessons, and during this lesson i was talking about the picture/point of Adam and eve.  And when i mean we teach simple, i mean we teach like we are talking to 5 year olds.  Hey but we always make it through with the help of the spirit!  So anyway i was explaining when they ate the food and what happended after and i was really nervous for some reason because these people are really knowledgeable and my words were not coming out very good and this is what i said, and i quote, "usted no bien." "you no good." haha oh boy everyone had a good laugh, but you know what even though that wasnt the best spanish i got my point across and that's all that matters and we were able to laugh alot and they were super patient with our spanish.  I am really thankful for patient people like Abraham and Milagros because spanish is hard haha but we just keep on trying and doing our best and thats all the Lord expects out of us:) You dont have to be fluent to invite others to come unto Christ.

2. On Saturday we did a zone service project installing smoke detectors in peoples home all day.  Super interesting but it was pretty fun.  So we went to the first door and there was a little script thing i had to read when people answered that was like "hello we are here for here with red cross and dekator county and we are in the neighborhood installing free smoke detectors......"  anyway so i was so nervous and felt so awkward.  for some reason its just alot more easier to say "hola somos representantes de Jesucristo..." so we knocked and a guy answered and this is what i said "hello we are here with red cross and dekator county fire department and we are in the neighborhood installing free fire departments." oh my heck so awkward!!  haha Its so scary!  i was definitely exited to get back into my skirt and hold my book of mormon again!
Im super excited for this tomorrow!  We get to go to the temple so that will be way fun!!  I love it here in Chamblee and i love being a spanish missionary. I love both of my companions so much.  I love you all my wonderful family.  And i love my Savior Jesus Christ.  "for i say unto you that whatsoever is good cometh from God, and whatsoever is evil cometh from the devil.  therefore, if a man bringeth forth good works he hearken unto the voice of the good shepherd." Alma 5:40-41.  I love making good things happen and seeing peoples lives change for the better because of this gospel.  I know this gospel is true with all my heart.  Have an amazing week and may we all make good things happen.  I love you all!
Hermana Stewart

​Zone service project!

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