Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spanish is Hard!!!

Hola everyone! 

 Oh my goodness!  Life is so great.  The MTC has probably been by far the most frustrating, yet spiritual experience ever!  Like talk about full emersion in espanol.  I have learned so much in one week than i probably would of in 3 years of high school spanish.  Its amazing how much we have progressed since day one.  I am not very good at spanish, but i hope to one day be ok at it.  So my first companion Hermana Tew, sadly had to be sent home a few days ago.  It just wasnt her time to be out here.  So i am now trio with my other two hermana's in my district.  it has been sooo good so far.  It's really nice to be with companions that have the same mind set as me and same goals...and they don't try and run away haha.  My district is really awesome.  There is four elders, all of them are 18 except one elder that is 20.  They are such a hoot.  Then its me and my companions.  We are becoming like a family, and it is so great.  My new companions names are Hermana Weaver she is from Kaysville, Utah.  And Hermana Sa'ili she is from Tonga.  She is so amazing and so sweet and full of love.  Hermana Weaver is a little bossy haha but we are learning to get along.... we have had just a few companion interventions haha.  They are both really awesome though, and for the most part we get along really great.  THe food is really good!  
ANy way i am going to write again in an hour or so after we do laundy.
I love you all!
Adios Y'all
Hermana Stewart

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