Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy day all is well!

Hola mi familia!
Im pretty sure that this week i have experienced just about every emotion possible.  Happy,sad.  Joy, discouraged.  Sucess and rejection.  "I get it moments" and frustration.  Haha and the list could go on.  I can tell you this though, i dont wish that i didnt feel frustrated, sad, discouraged, or alone because by feeling all of these has made me appritiate the joy, the happy, the successful, the "i get it moments" so much more!!  This week has been amazing.  So many cool experiences that i want to share.  And its so good to sit and reflect on the past week and recognize all the good.  So the spanish is going alright.  I have been feeling a little over whelmed and frustrated this week because of it but i know im still learning.  The gift of tongues has not fully kicked in i know that it comes with alot of hard work and suffering and i guess you could say that this week i have experieced both haha.  So a few nights ago my comanion Hermana Weaver said that in my sleep I said "lista" and "lo sienta" haha and that means "ready" and "sorry".  I thought that was kind of funny that i said some spanish words in my sleep again.  They also say that i make these weird groaning sounds in my sleep and it sounds like i am in a whole bunch of pain.  But i told them that i usually just do that when im tired but they are always so concerned in the morning haha.  I get pretty much the best sleep of my life here!!  Im always so tired that as soon as i hit my head to my pillow im usually out.  On thursday i had a really bad soar throat, and friday and saturaday my voice was like completely gone, and then sunday i had a really bad fever and a really bad cough.  I have like these weird coughing attacks and i cant stop coughing...i call it "the chase cough".  I didnt sleep much sunday and monday night i was up coughing so much so i went to the doc yesterday.  He said i have broncidice and that it was almost working into anmonia.  So i got some medicine and he prescribed me an hour nap everyday for 4 days (but i havent had time for that yet ha) and been feeling alot better, but he said that my coughing will last 18 more days ahhhh!!  But at least my voice is back!  

Yesterday we were going to teach one of our investigators Mercedes but then about 2 minutes before our appointment our teacher said that we had to teach this new lady Maribel.  Me and my companions were like freaking out because we didnt know anything about her and didnt know what to teach her because what we had planned was for our third lesson with mercedes.  We said a prayer and asked for the spirit to be with us.  We went and knocked on her door and we introduced ourselves.  Then i said "Podemos compartir un masaje sobre Jesucristo con usted?"  And she looked at me and started laughing and in spanish she said oh ya i would love a "massage"  from you as she rubbed her shoulders.  So the direct translation of what i said whas "can we share a massage about jesuschrist with you?"  woops!!  I guess message and massage are really close in spanish.  The correct word would have been "mensaje"  But we all had a good laugh (especially my companions) and the lesson actually went really great!  We talked mostly about the book of mormon and she said she wanted to learn more.  
So it being memorial day on monday i have been thinking alot about my ansestors and both grandpas.  Yesterday we got the amazing oppurtunity to hear from Jeffery R. Holland!!  It was amazing.  Yesterday i was kind of having a hard day getting along with my companions and learning the language and everything that comes from being a missionary.  Before the devotional started i said a prayer that i would have the spirit with me and feel comfort and love.  Elder Holland started talking and he invited his grandaughter up cus she just got off a mission.  She was really emotional and just said that is was so hard and she had so many struggles and i dont really even remember what else she said, but right then and there i felt an amazing overwhelming feeling of love and support and comfort.  Someone whispered into my ear "We are here. We love you".  I felt the pressence of both grandpas there.  There is a scripture it is d and c 84:88 "and whoso recieveth you there i will go before your face. i will be on your right hand an don your left and my spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to be you up."  I felt like there were angels around me in that moment and telling me their love for me.  There is a primary song i dont know what it is but it says something about "the angels above me silent note taking.  It was such an amazing experience that i will never forget.  I know that the Lord sends his angels those that we know that have died to protect his missionaries.  This was just what i needed to pick me back up.  His talk was amazing he talked all about opening your mouth and it shall be filled.  He is so pattinent when he talks.  It was amazing.  
AH there is just so much to tell you and i dont have enough time.  I wish i was a faster typer!  My investigators are all going really great.  We are going to challenge Mercedes on friday to baptism again and i know she will say yes!!  We have two new investigators (they are our teachers) Mario and Rafiel.  They will be our investigators for the rest of the time in the MTC.  
Im learning lots!  The food is great!  WHen i went to the doctor i had to get weighed and i actually have lost 9 pounds since being here so haha i guess i need to start having 2 desserts with every meal instead of 1 haha ;)  Im getting along with my companions really well and my district.  I am so excited to go to the temple in a few hours!!  Pdays are good and bad because i love getting to write you guys and hear from you guys but i get really home sick after emailing and hearing from you guys.  But the temple is really nice after emails because i feel all of your love and support.  
I cant believe i have been here for two weeks.  Its been the longest two weeks of my life!  But the most spiritually filled two weeks of my life.
I love you all so much.  I send my love to you everyday and am always praying for you!!
Sorry this email is so short and scatter brained but my hour is running up real fast.  I cant wait to email you next week and hear from you guys.  Keep up the Dear Elders i love hearing from you everyday!!
With much love,
Hermana Abby Jean Stewart

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