Monday, January 25, 2016


​down town atlanta!  so much wind so much cold!  
Hermana Bringhurst flap kept flipping up ha!

world of coca cola!

Cool sign
down town atanta with the sandy springs sisters last p day.  it was FREEZING cold!!
we can never be normal at the same time in pictures haha

mashing potatoes
once again we can never be normal at the same time haha

 We totally ate this whole entire pizza.   it was so much fun!

Went to brockett on exchanges with Sister Howell.  she came out with me
us with a member Giovanna she is awesome!  she is teaching us better spanish and we are helping her with her english!
hermana Bringhurst made us Stuffed hotdogs!!!!!!ahhhh i could die of happiness!

​ahhhhh it totally snowed here!!!!!!!!!

and me and hermana Bringhurst doing back up duty haha
the first idaho licence plate ive seen in georgia!! boo ya!!
​our back porch view 

Front View of our apartments

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