Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Reaping Time!

Me and my comps!

Wow what a week!!  So many miracles happen!  We went and picked up our new greenie on Wednesday!  Her name is Hermana Bringhurst and she is from Provo, Utah...go figure haha!  She reminds me of the girl off of My Big Fat Greek Wedding!  Like no joke, they are twins!  She is great though!  Our investigators Sally and Jessy are progressing beautifully to baptism on the 29 this month.  All they have to do is do the interview questions, and they can enter the water of baptisms.  So the reason for my title is just that.  It is time to harvest.  Me and Hermana Gallardo have been planting seeds for the past 8 weeks and it is time to harvest these seeds!  We have 9 investigators that are progressing right now!  We don't even go knocking anymore because there is just no time because we have appointments everyday all day!  Its so wonderful!  Im so excited for these coming weeks!  
I ate a fish eye ball this week!!!!  Oh dad, you would be so proud...except I made the terrible mistake of chewing it...yikes!  But I got a arros con leche popcicle out of it haha!  We got fed a whole fish at the Zunigas on sunday!  our poor greenie had to have that for her very first meal on the mission...I coulnt even stop lauging when she put a whole fish infront of her face...haha welcome to the GAM!  Better get used to it!  I loved it!!!  So definitely not a picky eater anymore, if its edible its good!  Oh my goodness, do y'all remember back in the day where I did like spicy!  Well I was such a whimp haha, spicy is soooo good!!  My trainer is so proud!  She has made me put saracha hot sauce on everything I eat!  Its like ketchup now haha!  

We had some amazing lessons this week!  We are cerantley..sorry I really cant spell anymore haha, teaching 4 families right now!  Which could potentionally be 13 baptisms!!  I love teaching these families!  I want so badly for them to have what I have!  We have just barely started teaching these families like this week but they are looking mighty golden!  We are so excited!!  Holy moly Heavenly Father is so amazing!!
Martha and Jessy teaching me how to make papusas!

We are going to a dinasour museum today!! rarrr!!  yay for museums!!  also we like to try new restraunts and exotic foods with our sandy springs sister friends and last week we went to a viatnameese restraint and had pho!  I would recommend it!  but I would not recommend the bowl with 12 different types of meats...I ate stomach, intestine, tongue...ya and I don't even know what else was in there haha but it was actually pretty good, I mean I added saracha hot sauce and that makes everything good haha!  but we are going for indian food today!  My poor new companion does not like any food unless its American...she will learn soon!  We will teach her our ways!!  Mmm now my paradise meal is a plate of rice and beans and some type of carne with chile and a basket full of hot tortillas!  I love it!  My trainer, Hermana Gallardo is soo proud of her baby!  sorry this email is all over the place usually I have a little outline that I make to tell all of the highlights, but I forgot to make one so I feel like im missing so many things!!  But know that this week was amazing and full of so many miracles!  Like literally we saw miracles every single day big and small!!  We had so many amazing lessons that the spirit was just so strong in them and huge testomonie builder moments!  We went to visit one of our less active members, but she wasn't there but we met another lady that was there and she is like a "praise the Lord" kind of a women and we were teaching her about how we need prophets and she was getting really defensive about everthing we were saying and saying that all she needs in her life is Jesus and I was just sitting there so angry I coulnt even talk because first of all I do not like bashing with people because it just drives away the spirit and I do not like when people talk bad about our church, but it was just a good testimony builder to me and I really do know that this really is the true church and it is lead and guided by a prophet called of God!  
Me and the children 

Ok so a couple of other cool things, so I personally really like just walking up to random people and striking up a conversation.  We never really did that the first part of my mission, and I always wanted to talk to people but I never knew what to say in Spanish, but now that I can actually conversate with people in Spanish I do it all the time!  So we were going to the Walmart this week, store contacting because we ran out of toilet paper haha, and we were all walking into the store and I saw this cute lil old black lady pushing her cart to the cart putter a wayer.  The spirit told me to talk to her...for some reason it is really scary talking to people in English haha I don't know how to talk to people in English very well anymore ha!  but I knew I had to talk to her!  my companions didn't know that I was going to talk to her, cus usually we only talk to Spanish but I walked up to her and asked if I could help her with her cart.  in her cute lil southern accent she was like "oh that would be so kind of you sweetie" then I told her we are missionaries and I asked if we could say a prayer with her.  She told us she would love that and I asked her what her name was and then I told her I would go ahead and offer that for her.  She stuck her hands out (people in the south hold hands while they pray ha) so we all held hands I prayed in the middle of the parking lot of walmart right there for Elizabeth.  I have not said a prayer in English for a long time, and my English was very awkward haha.  When we got done praying she had tears in her eyes.  She said she felt such an overwhelming feeling of love from her heavenly father.  I told her that we loved her so much and she said it was so nice to hear someone tell her that they loved her.  She told us she just felt like she needed to go to the store today, I told her that I believe that we were sent here for a reason that we needed to see you Elizabeth.  She then told us that when she saw us walking toward her she felt like there was just something different about those girls.  We asked her, how about we get your number and address and send our English speaking friends to come see you.  She said she would like that a lot.  What a wonderful experience.  The Lord truly does guide us to people!  
What a wonderfuly week full of meeting wonderfull new friends and seeing lives change!  The days never seem to be dull if you are working hard. 

Us eating pho 
There is so much work here to do in Chamblee!  And the only way we can ever get it done is if we work together with the Lord and the Spirit!  We need to keep planting our seeds everywhere we go.  If we never planted, we would never harvest.  "and it came to pass that we did begin to till the earth, and we began to plant seeds; yea, we did put all our seeds into the earth, which we had brought from the land of Jerusalem. and it came to pass that they did grow exceedingly; wherefore, we were blessed in abundance." 1 nephi 18:24 This is my hope and my prayer, that I can continue to always be planting seeds and harvesting that which we plant.  The Lord has entrusted in me this part of his Vineyard, I want more than anything to show him appreciation for this oppertunitly that he has given me.  I love you all so much!  I pray for you everyday and I hope you feel our saviors love and the blessings from him.  There are a lot.  Please remember that in order to grow your faith you have to water and plant your seeds and continue to noursish them by reading the Book of Mormon and going to church.  How blessed we are to be in this gospel and feel of the power and blessings it brings to our family and in these famiiles here too.  I love you all and I hope you all have a blessed week! 
Hermana Stewart
We helped stuff the piñata at a birthday party!
 Us eating a eyeball...I was the only one that actually swallowed the whole thing

Our fish meal

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